Adalene "Adale" Lynahart

Adalene's Bio/Profile (Amaya's Profile)

English Name: Adalene "Adale" Lynahart
Japanese Name: Amaya "Ame" Shimahama
Pronounced: "A.dale" Lee.nah.hah.t (Ah.mah.ah "Ah.meh" She.mah.hah.mah)
Name's Meaning: (O.Gr) "Noble (O.En) light or palm tree () strong or brave; stag", (JP) "Night rain Island beach"
Alias: Princess Adalene (Adarene-Hime) and White Unknown
Title: the Keyblade Princess or White Unknown
Age: approximately 17~18
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Role: Ally, Protagonist, 8thPrincessof Heart, Dual Keyblade Master
Home Story: Kingdom Hearts 3: Legacy of the Keyblade
Homeworld: Destiny Islands a.k.a. "Destiny Kingdom"
Other residences: Crystal Castle Village
Family: the King, Dalene, Kurt, May, and Cristy
Weapon: Keyblade ("Memory's Kingdom Key" and Memory's Destiny, now known as "Destiny's Memory")
Attribute: Light or Shine (Hikari or Hikaru)

Quote: "Can you achieve the dream inside your heart?"

Hair: Brown, short with layers and fringe
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Weight: 110 lbs. (50 kg)
Foot Size: 7.5/(U.K. 5-5.5)/(Japan 250/24.5cm)/(Korea 245mm)
Build: Petite
Chirality: Right-Handed (although sometimes she can be "Ambidexterity")

Sunsets and Sunrises (at the ocean)
Tea and Sparkling Water
Org.XIII (e.g. Axel, Xion, Naminé, Roxas, Demyx, Even and Zexion)
Hanging out with friends
Arabah's Castle Garden

Nobodies (i.e. Xemnas)

She is a mysterious, smart and a very joyful young lady. She does her best to help her friends to stay positive and cheerful even when it gets tough or even when the

darkness tries to harm them and makes them feel down. She believes that there is a light in the darkness that never goes out! She is faithful, strong-willed, selfless,

humble, daydreamer, courageous, and beliefs in justice.

Adalene has a Fiancé and his name is Aden. This arrangement was appointed by Adalene's father, of course. Adale falls-in-love with Riku and Prince Aden

becomes jealous of their love. So, he tries to break them apart. The King is her father. Dalene is her twin brother, sometimes people call him "Dale" for

short, it's like Adalene's name, her name "Adale" is short for Adalene. Adale's younger brother's name is Kurt. Kurt has no twin he's the middle child and twinless.

May and Cristy are Adale's youngest twin sisters, they do everything together they are hardly apart.