Recruiting Organization XIII Members

Join Organization XIII

So, you want to become a member of Organization XIII and perhaps to become a leader to teach new comers. Use the Profile Example to apply by telling me a bit more about yourself. This is your Deep Dive moment. What is your battle style?: Head on Attacks, Long Range, or Defencive. Put your reply in the Profile Example below.

Profile Example (you have permission to use it - below):

(apply as yourself or as your OC or as a KH cast member (see Basics). After you've been accepted by a Leader, head to the Dark City when your ready to begin your training or go to Castle Oblivion for more practice).

Former Name (if known):
Age (if known):
Gender (optional):
*Home World (if known):
Other Residences (if known):
*Weapon (if you have one):
Specialties (e.g. Element, if known):
*Battle Style (optional):
Personality (Traits, if known):
Appearance (optional):
Anything else? (optional):
Reference link (optional):

*Home World - is where the character is born, but if it's a nobody then it's where the nobody was born as a nobody and not its other self. (e.g. Sora's nobody was born during Hollow Bastion/Castle Oblivion)
*Weapon - if you are an Unknown Organization Member with a Keyblade Click Here, instead.
*Battle Style - Choices: Head on Attacks, Long Range, or Defencive.


Paste and fill out Profile Example above in the comments box and the character can be yourself or an OC.


Recent Applicants:


(striked out names have become leaders)