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Kingdom Hearts Facts

Did you know Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness is really Xehanort?

Terra picked Riku as his successor.

a Paopu intertwine two peoples lives together no matter what.

Riku saw the keyhole to Destiny Islands.

The voice in Ven's Dive to the Heart scene at the opening of BBS was really Sora's voice.

Xion is a memory fragement of both Sora and Kairi.

Roxas is really Ven in one way and Sora's nobody in another.

Namine is Kairi's nobody.

Destiny's Embrace was created when Aqua meet Kairi for the first time.

Master Yen Sid is a former Keyblader.

Tetsuya Nomura mentions in the Director's Secret Report XIII that there isn't necessarily one keyblade for light or dark. The obvious thing at this point is that 'a strong heart' can wield a keyblade, but there is more less obvious ways one can wield a keyblade and left unmentioned. It mentions something with Riku sharing his keyblade with Kairi and stuff about Kairi's keyblade is like Sora's.