Training Field

This is the Training Field for Keyblade apprentices in preparation for the Mark of Mastery exam.

Before beginning a master must approve you as their apprentice. Begin training with your master or another student apprentice. Relax and be calm, focus on your heart, mind, soul and body. All together this is the Japanese word for, "Kokoro" meaning "heart, mind, and soul", sometimes "body" in theory.

Exercise Session
Call forth your Keyblade
Practice Hitting

  • Still Objects
  • Moving Objects

Practice Casting
Practice Defence

Intresting Topics:
Finding a balance between light and dark
Aspects and the gist of outside worlds
Kororo is the Heart(Keychain), Mind, Body(Wielder) and Soul(Keyblade)
Theories and Legends about the Keyblade, The Keyblade Wars and Kingdom Hearts

When you feel ready, head over to the Mark of Mastery Exam, but be sure your master approves of this before you move on and have at least enough battle practice (est. 3~4 comments) before moving forward with the Exam.