Kingdom Hearts: Legacy of the Keyblade

"Believe in your dreams and live them."

Other Tagline(s):

"Can you achieve the dream inside your heart?"
"There is yet one than another... There is yet a dream to be realized... Yet are you the one chosen by the key... blade?

Table of Contents and Summary

Table of Contents
Poem/Intro: Light Rain (Hikari Ame)
Prologue: A Whisper's Memory and Waking Up w/FM
Chapter 1: The Shining Waves of a Small Island Breeze w/FM
Chapter 2: Intermission and a Strange Dream w/FM

Spoiler Alert!! Ending
Epilogue: Stardust - Return Home (temporarily on page 6)

Secret Endings
Secret Ending A (Original ~ The Rain Falls)
Secret Ending B (Final Mix ~ Pouring Rain)

Series Summary:
This is about a girl named *Adalene Lynahart, Adale for short. She dreams about an island home she used to live on when she was little, but now she longs to go back to that world. (*Amaya "Ame" Shimahama is Adale's Japanese name it means "Night Rain".)

Prologue and Chapter 1's Summary:
This chapter begins in the Station of the Heart a.k.a. Dive to the Heart, but she is woken up during the first part of the dream and luckily she completed the first task of the the dream. Then it goes into the Castle of her home world. It then leads up to her leaving that world on her keyblade glider to answer Yen Sid's message that he send; telling her to come visit him.

Spoiler Note
Adalene "Adale" Lynahart is the main character, but Sora and his friends will return in this story! They are assumingly 17~18 about now. This takes place after KH: Dream, Drift, Distance. In the written story here Adale's name is in her English format, but the real name in Japanese translation from English is: Adarene "Adare" Rina-gawahâto. So, only in the written story format her name will be Adalene "Adale" Lynahart, but in the manga format her name will be Amaya "Ame" Shimahama which means "Night Rain Island Shore or Beach".

Secret Truths and Hidden Lies is a back story to Legacy of the Keyblade. In other words, the background story to this one, but it's a spoiler. Adale's Bio, Worlds and Characters.