Searching for Fellow Keybladers

So, you wish to become a wielder of a keyblade and peharps prove that you can someday be a keyblade master? Use the Profile Example to apply by telling me a bit more about yourself. This is kinda like your 'Dive to the Heart' moment. [Speaking of 'Dive to the Heart' what is your battle style?: Sword (Attack), Staff (Magic), or Shield (Defence). Put your reply in the Profile Example below]

Profile Example (you have permission to use it - below):

(apply as yourself or as your OC or as a KH cast member (see Basics). After you've been accepted by a Master, head to the Training Field when your ready to begin your training or go to Castle Oblivion for practice. If you want to you can take the Study Exam about the Light and Darkness, it's optional).

Alias (if any):
Home World (if known):
Other Residences (if known):
Keyblade (if you have one):
Battle Style:
Personality (Traits):
Why do you want to be a Keyblader/(KB)Master?:
Anything else? (optional):
Reference link (optional):


P.s. - Paste and fill out Profile Example above in the comments box and the character can be yourself or an OC.


Recent Apprentices:

(striked out names have become masters)