Just a world where I can post notes and fluff. Watch for fanfic fluff!

First Post!

This is actually the first thing I've done on my theOtaku account besides commenting. Cheers!

As the intro line says, this will by a world for daily snippets of life and art, as well as some fanfiction mixed in. Hopefully, it'll be a somewhat of a success. ^^

A little about me: I my first anime was Pokemon, like the typical American child at the time. I only really got into anime/manga when I learned about Fruit's Basket and bought my own copy. Then I went to Fullmetal Alchemist, and now I'm reading multiple manga series and watching the occasional anime.

I love FMA, Kingdom Hearts, the Legend of Zelda, and Fairy Tail. But I still read Naruto to keep up with the times. XD

I'm a doodler, so many of my pieces will have an unfinished look to them. AND I've had an account before, so some of my pieces may be the same. Hopefully, I won't post them without remembering to mention that bit of info.

I'm a friendly person, so comment if you like. I really would like to meet more people! :D