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'Lo, mortal! Thou hath stumbled unto the realm of Ceiling Cat. Fear not, for she is merciful. Flee not, for she is kind. But know that if thou put forth thy foot into tomfoolery, thou shalt be Judged, and it shall be good. (For me. ;p)

But in all seriousness, this is my blog. I'm Kei, one of the News Editors for the site. I don't bite (hard), so don't be afraid to approach me. I'm actually quite tame.

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Just a tumbleweed passing through.


All right. We're doing it.

But since Gome said "If we're doing that, then we're doing everything", you all are equally responsible for helping with this thing.

For right now, we need to figure out what is going into the podcast, who wants to take part regularly (I am probably going to need at least one regular co-host), when we're recording and when we're posting it (I would like to shoot for a Sunday posting schedule, so Friday night/Saturday sometime is probably going to be the most viable recording time).

This is our baby now. Help me raise it.

So, I Had A Thought

Since the official podcast is dead...

...what about...

...a theTako podcast...


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