I have seen the first Percy Jackson movie getting to my point (stop reading now if you have religious issues) im christian so i believe god is my spiritual father and since that is true does that mean me and others similiar are demi gods so why cant we have those powers it is a pointless debate but it is on my mind no answers intended.

6th Man

6th Man: in this franchise there is a boy named keimaru.He plays basketball and is the best person on the bench.

Keimaru oftens wanders off(as usual) and dreams he is a a Naruto character fighting the death dealers(an-elite-5star-clan). Keimaru is assigned a mission to go after one of the death dealers to train to become a Swagnobi(joke), he is given a partner,who's identity is not important.He tracks his target but Kane(DD) new he was being chased.Kane executes Kiemaru partner by throwing a shuriken that purposely misses and teleport in its place and uses lightnig blade. Now only Keimaru and Kane are left battle of the K's, but Keimaru does not know any Jutsu but his sub conscious calls upon the 6thman jutsu and grows 4 new arms 2 on each side.Suddenly 6 balls appear in his hand and he drives all of them into Kane's chest.His mission is a success it turns out when he used 6thman jutsu his teamates were calling 6th man your up, and 6 balls just appeared they were throwing balls at him remember it was a dream and its my first post.