Hello and welcome to the Keikoku Hotspring I am your hostess Zetsu'sflowergirl my real name is Kiku ^^. I work in the flowershop of the Keikoku Hotspring.Oh What exactly is the Keikoku ? Well Ill tell you but first Ill tell you a little bit about myself ^^ Youll learn more as you read my creators fanfictions ^^.

Well As I said My name is Kiku and I am in a all girl organization called the Keikoku. I used to live in the Land of Grass See * holds up slashed headband* Now ! I am a ex ninja from the Land of Grass due to some events that happened in my village that got me kicked out. Well not kicked out I just left. I work as a spy for the Keikoku shh the Akatsuki doesn't know this. Our organization is kind of hush hush at the moment neither villages or Akatsuki know we exisist which is kind of sad because I wish Zetsu knew it was me. See me and Zetsu knew each other back when we were kids and no he wasn't always the way he was now You know the giant fly trap surrounding his body I don't know what happened to him.

If you want to know more about me Ill tell you but this is all the information I will tell you

Next post Ill talk about the whole organization of the Keikoku the after ward I will talk about the Members.

Until then Ill see you around

Azumi ( The little Witch)

Name: Azumi
Age: Looks 21 but is Immortal due to her religon
Birthday: October 31
Former village : Hotspring
Akatsuki crush: Hidan
Hair color : dark pink
Eyes: Maroon

Jutsu: Butterfly Transformation Jutsu, Dark Curse Jutsu, Spell Jutsu,
Forbidden : Sprit possesion jutsu

History : Azumi grew up in the Land of Hot Springs where she was around many relgions but Azumi was born a full out witch. Her powers didn't come to her until the age of 12 and was taught by her mother who her goddess was Hecate was her name. Azumi though has respect for all relgions Jashin rituals are her favorite to watch.

Azumi grew up feared by the others in her class which caused her to be made fun of which she ignored to the point though she couldn't stand it. Azumi would hide out in her room instead of studying her jutsu for school she would practice her spells and other things which sometimes turned out bad.

When Azumi turned 16 she was out by the lake when two boys came by yelling Witch and hag things like that. Azumi got irritated and using a transformation spell on the two boys turning them into fish and without putting them in water she left them to sufficate. They weren't just boys though they were the grandsons of the leader of the Land of Hotspring and hearing what Azumi did Azumi fled the village and hid out still practicing her spells and other things.
Her relgion like the Jashin religon gives you immortality at the age of 21 and when she turned 21 she became immortal. She always though herself to be the only one and when she joined the Keikoku she learned there was a immortal in the Akatsuki. She had heard of Hidan but she had never came into contact with him

But on a mission with her partner Shinju. Azumi spotted Hidan doing one of his rituals she watched from a distance and was amazed. " Wow he is like me" she though only with differnt religon.

At the Keikoku hotspring Azumi is the hotsprings fourtune teller

When Hidan is dimembered by Shikamaru Azumi is furious because she is pregnat with her and hidan's child when he is killed or presumed dead.


Name: Cheiko
Age: 17
Birthday: August 13
Former Village: Hidden village of stones.
Akatsuki crush/equal: Deidara

Hair color: Lt.brown
Eyes: Brown



Most of her skills require a pen and or pencil which she draws on a peice paper bomb and using some hand signs that cause the drawing to come to life.

Butterfly transformation jutsu


Cheiko was just starting out as a ninja at 12 years of age and would always try to incorperate her drawings in with her jutsu. Most of the kids made fun of her trying saying that art shouldn't be incorperated with ninja skills. The only person Cheiko could rely on was Deidara. When both Deidara and Cheiko were young they were friends and when Deidara discovered the art of bomb making with his clay he taught her how to incoperate her art with explosions.

When Deidara left Cheiko had no one to turn too but she kept practicing her jutsu and trying to prove the other students wrong that art could be incorperated with anything. In fact thats what got her kicked out of the village.

When Cheiko was 16 someone started going on about her art work how scary it was and it shouldn't be concidered art, She hated when people critzied her work the only one she respected enough to do that was Deidara and he wasn't in the village anymore. Cheiko had gotten fed up and during the night she planted for special made bombs that she had drawn out and when she left for a safe distance she set them off. The explosion left several injured and 3 died from the explosion the Anbu squad in that area has been trying to track her down but has never found her.

Now Cheiko is in the Keikoku putting her talent to use. She was partnered with Yuki of the white sand, and sent on their first mission to the Hidden Village of Sand to keep watch over Sasori and Deidara when. Cheiko hitched a ride inside the Sand village with Deidara using her Butterfly Transformation jutsu. (All the girls have this jutsu they gained it during their joining of the Keikoku ... Its their symbol on the back of their uniform)

At the Keikoku hotspring Cheiko has a art shop where she paints and draws personalized for people. The shop and the Hotspring was mainly a way for the Keikoku to make money for the organization.

Deidara has stopped by and wondered why she is there with the Keikoku girls but he has never found out about the organization.. Later he does when Konan invite the girls to a party at the Akatsuki hide out.

Future- Before Deidara is killed by Sasuke The two dated and eventually got married ( they were drunk when doing so) and have a daughter they called Saya.. and like her father she has blonde hair and mouths on her palms.

Yuki of the White Sand

This post is about Yuki of the White sand or we just call her Yuki

Name: Yuki
Name meaning : Snow
Nickname: Yuki of the White Sand ( because of her white hair)
Age: 31 looks 12 due to her doll like appearance
Former Village : SunaKagure
Akatsuki crush: Sasori

Hair color : White
Eyes : Dark blue

Jutsu : Sleepy Time Jutsu, Thousand Doll Jutsu, Butterfly transformation jutsu.
Forbidden :
Item : Dolls
Weapon: Scythe

History :

Yuki was born into a family of the Hidden Village in the Sand she was named Yuki due to the fact her hair was white which earned her the name Yuki of the White Sand. Yuki's interest as a child was dolls unlike a puppet master She used dolls in her jutsu. Though Yuki would sometimes call dolls puppets with out strings she didn't see a thing wronge with it.

Her best friend as a child was Sasori of the red sand before he left the Sand Village. They became friends while Yuki was working on one of her dolls and he asked her about her veiw on life. It so happened both of them had the same veiws which made them quickly become friends.

After Sasori left the Sand village Yuki got lonely, When Yuki was 10 years old her parents had went to the Leaf Village during a war and had been killed leaving Yuki to fend for herself. Her grandparents had died when she was baby so there was no one to take of her.

Feeling lonely Yuki grew distant from the other kids in her class and would work on dolls the whole time and when a kid started making fun of her because of her doll making Yuki killed him with the scythe her mother gave her before she left to defend herself with when or if danger would come to her.

Yuki was 16 when she was offered a job by Orochimaru to kill the Kazekage of the Sand village of that time in exchange for food and money, Yuki upon realizing this was a lie left the village.

She was sent a notice about the Keikoku a year or so after she left, Yuki eventually dcided to join.

Yuki was partnered with a girl from the Hidden Village in the Stones named Cheiko. The two were sent on their first mission back to Yuki's home village. Yuki and Cheiko managed to get there before Deidara and Sasori. Sasori mentions Yuki when Deidara ask's Sasori if he ever had a girlfriend Sasori tells Deidara of Yuki while Yuki is listening on the conversation

Sango ( Siren of the Mist)

Today I will be introducing the second Member and partner of Megumi Ai Sango

Name : Sango
Nickname: Sango Siren of the Mist
Village: Land of Water
Partner: Megumi Ai
Akatsuki equal : Kisame
Height : 5,6

Hair Color: Lt blue
eyes: blue

Element: Water

Water clone jutsu, Water Dragon Jutsu, Song of the Siren Jutsu, Mermaid Transformation Jutsu

Forbidden Jutsu: Song of Death Jutsu


Sango once lived in the Land of water she went to school in the Hidden Village in the Mist. Sango is well accuainted with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist for she went to school with them. Ones in particular she liked was Kisame Hoshigaki and Zabuza Momichi.

While in the Academy Sango learned about her ablities from her mother. Her ablity to sing was a useful gift but it caused a lot of people in the Land of Water to fear her. Her voice earned her the name Siren of the Mist. The Kage of that land found Sango's gift to be useful when she sang a person would be caught in some type of trance and would lure who ever was hiding out if it was a rouge ninja or a ninja of enemy territories they would be killed or tourtured one.

Sango eventually learned the Kage there was only using her as a tool and was getting sick of it. While she was in the Kage office she suddenly began to sing and lured the Kage to her killing him earning her freedom and fleeing the village. The Anbu of the Mist started to come after her only Sango had assistance getting out of the village and that was from Kisame Hoshigaki.

Sango fled the from the Land of Water and hid in the Hidden Village of Sand for a while ( Before she met Yuki) and recived a notice 7 years after she left the village to come join a organization called the Keikoku. Sango agreed and set off to the Land of Rain

There Sango was paired with a girl from the Hidden Leaf village named Megumi Ai. Sango went on her first mission with Megumi to the Hidden Leaf village where she was confronted by Kisame and Itachi but the two fled before their identities were found out.

3 years after seeing Kisame the first time this time around the girls had snatched or to them found a hotspring and used this as a way to make money for the Keikoku organization. Sango sees Kisame often and he wonders why she is there but she has never told them.

Eventually Kisame finds out about the keikoku when he and Itachi visit the Hotsrping and Itachi finally has Megumi in his grasp. Kisame and Sango after the encounter started seeing each other and the two are insperable only when Kisame goes on missions Sango tags along with Megumi of course ^^.

That was Sango next time I will talk about Yuki of the White sand.

Keikoku Introduction

Hey its me Kiku again,and this time I will tell you about the Keikoku organization.


First of you should already know about the person who runs the Keikoku also runs the Akatsuki that would be Uchiha Madara.


Your probably wondering why would Madara choose 8 ex female nins with equal strength to the Akatsuki. Well You see Madara knowing they would be going up against some very strong opponents and I am talking the Tailed beast hosts and other people too protecting the Jinnjurhici that has the tailed beast well we Keikoku girls are sort of a back up support system well more like bodyguards.


I know what you thinking, why would such a great organization need bodyguards ? We were thinking that too. Well as you know while sealing the Bijuu into the sealing statue They cant very move anywhere and need to stay put we are the ones who do all the action. Now my job in the Keikoku is different from the other girls.My job is to spy on Zetsu not exactly protect him but I do protect him Ill do anything for Zetsu


The Keikoku Uniform- I would highly recommend these cloaks they keep you warm when your cold and if your someone that needs shade they do just that. The cloaks we wear are different from the Akatsuki cloaks these look more like capes with hoods. Along with the hood and cape we have face masks that cover our lower face. Unlike the Akatsuki we don't have to wear the cloaks all the time due to the fact we work at a Hotspring that we sna..I mean run and built on to it with several shops and things to make money for the organization to run.


Though I say we are a very secreat organization I think the Akatsuki are getting suspious of us. Lets say a few of us have had closer encounters with the Akatsuki members on our missions. Hint hint Megumi and Itachi have had closer encoutners with each other but he has never found out about the organization. I hope.

Members of the Keikoku - These are the members in the Keikoku most of them are nice and we get along well unlike the Akatsuki members we actually are friends.

Megumi Ai - Village is the Hidden leaf village
Sango (Siren) - Comes from the Land of water
Yuki of the White sand- Comes from the Hidden village of Sand
Cheiko - Hidden Village in the Stones
Azumi - Comes from the Hidden Village in the Hotspring and she is our witch
Shinju - A bounty huntress from the Land of Waterfalls ... she steals alot from Kakuzu.
Minako - from the Land of Rain

Fumiko - from the Land of snow

Up next I will introduce you to Megumi Ai she is our feline