This WORLD (which doesn't exist) is where I rant about my latest art.

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I guess this is where I introduce myself.


Name: ...did you say something?

Likes: duh.


In no particular order:

  • procrastination
  • deadlines
  • non-canon pairings
  • idiots
  • bad grammar and spelling

Hobbies: [refer to 'Likes' section please]

Dreams for the future: What future?


If you have any requests or stuff like that, just drop a comment or message me. I'll be more than happy to make something for you. Just don't expect it to be done within the week. Or month. Or year.


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Be the Ultimate Ninja! Play Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN today!

I got a DeviantArt Account!

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This is the product of 6 years of procrastination and a lot of nagging on my friends' parts. I'll be slowly moving stuff over from, and uploading my new art there.

Thank you nmer

Hi nmer, I just checked my account, and it turns out I've been playing BvS for over 3 years now. That's insane. I remember first joining the original Konoha Village under Kamisama. And then it blew up and became New Konoha. And then Kamisam...

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Now I Love You Best

I've been gone so long, I obligated to post something. I don't have much time to spare (I'm in college now) so I'll keep this short.I made a video in Contemporary Media half a year ago that I feel like I should share. The prompt was ...

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This one's dedicated to my BvS buddies. You guys are awesome. :D --------------------------------------- Alright, so here's my latest: ...

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Class Shirt Design

御久しぶり意~ Goddamn it was hard to find the ~ on the Japanese keyboard. Turns out it's Shift =. -------------- Bleh. So, my latest submission: ...

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