Kazuma, Dante - Profile

Name: Kazuma, Dante
Age: 26
DOB: September 25th, 1997
Siblings: One ( twin brother Auron Kazuma )
Status: Single
Rank: Co - Head of the new Anti-Kira Task Force

Appearence/Personality: Jet black hair & green eye's, pale complection & always sports his worn jean jacket when not at work. Dante is the complete opposite of his brother who is what society see's as "the perfect gentleman". He has a habit of speaking his mind and doesn't hesitate to let someone know they've crossed him. His general disreguard for doing things by the book has lead to his nearly loseing his job on a number of occasions only for his brother to reason with the department to let him keep it. Despite all that when he get's into a case he never loses sight of the task at hand and sees things through to the end though he does get his fair share of complaints in during the entire investigation.

Special Talents: Breaking the rules, fixing up motorcycles, master on the drums

Background History: Dante is the twin brother of Auron Kazuma. Very little is knonw of him mainly because prior to becoming a cop he had some trouble with the law and was forced by his brother to join the force or go to prison. Dante still seems holds a grudge against his brother for this but inside he is thankful to be on the other side of the cuffs for once.

Other Information: Dante took a real interst in the first Kira and is delighted when his brother tells him the news of this new Kira, jumping at the chance to test his limits against the power of Kira. Dante continually try's to beat Auron in fights but lacks the same skill his brother has and usually ends up loseing in the end.

p.s. You can see what Dante and Auron look like by going to The Bone Snatcher's portfolio she drew a picture of them for me and Lunar