This is my first rp book soooooooooo have fun ^^ Oh and if you have any other ideas please do not be shy just tell me and I'll try to make one as fast as I possibly can.


I was the quiet and interesting girl who always went into the woods.It all changed one day. Your girlfriend grins followed me and pushed me into the pond. I couldn't swim at that time so I ended up drowning. A few years later your girlfriend confessed to you that she killed me. You were a guardian and you had (type of powers). You were shocked and sad. I was still in the lake but my hair turned blue and my outfit changes too. The man in the mood floated me out of the lake and I gasp breathing*

"Your name is Kay Winter" *he whispered to me and floated me back down*

~meanwhile at the North Pole.~
*Santa pulls the lever signalling a meeting*

(Ok so this rp is based off of Rise of the Guardians except were there children. So here's what you have to do.
You have to put your
Parents/other person it doesn't have to be the guys off the movie... it could be the sun or cup... you get the picture. Or you could be a regular guardian.

Oh and please be descriptive
3 or more lines there will be romance along the way but don't rush it. Oh and if you have a picture of what you look like that would be great. If you want a repost just say
popsicle. I don't own the original guardians or your character... just mine.
Have fun guys.


We were best friends. You loved singing and I loved drawing. You got a contract and I was so happy for you. You left a few months later promising that I could talk to you whenever I needed you. You also said that you be there for my birthday. A few years later you became famous and had a interview. They asked you about me.
You: She doesn't mean anything to me now.

I was so upset that I turned the Tv off. A few months later it was my birthday. I didn't see you. I felt my heart break and be smashed into a bunch of pieces.
You were visiting our town for your tour. You thought everyone liked you..... but you couldn't have been more wrong a lot of things changed.


We were best friends all up to high school. You played soccer and listened to music. I had a huge crush on you. I was just to shy to let you know. A few years later a cheerleader walks up to you and asked you out. You were surprised but you said yes. Afterwards you had a game. I went to it. You won and the players picked you up cheering your name. You laughed and your girlfriend smiled. I was waiting under our tree and waited for you to show. You never came. You also never came to my chorus concert or birthday. You completely stopped talking to me now that you were popular. When we graduated we never hugged. Your girlfriend grinned and kissed you. I was just waiting for the next semester. Next year we went to school and I signed up for chorus and baseball. We had all classes except those to. Sadly my locker was by your. I had became quite. I walked to my locker and opened it putting my stuff in when you.


You were the amazing Chat Noir. Also know as Adrien Agreste. I was a student at the school you and Ladybug attended. I had already known you were Chat Noir but i got my proof on camera when you were changing....or powering up. You ended up seeing me when i ran away. You fought the bad guy and went back to school. You saw me on my phone texting my mom to come pick me up. You were also worried that i would tell your identity. The thing is. I was quiet at school..i didn't have any friends and i liked it that way. I thought friends would only betray you at the end. Anyway you walked up to me and my locker and smiled your best charming smile. I looked at you and walked away. My mom drove me to the park and i walk under a tree bending down. I pet a small kitten smiling softly. You walk out change into Chat noir and Runs after me and you....

Fairy tale?

When i was younger my parents use to tell me these stories.. They helped me get to sleep better. They were stories about princess and dragons and princesses. We called it the Other world but my mom said that the kingdom called it something else. I fell asleep with smiles on my face. Soon one day there was a bang at the door. My father went to check on the door and when he turned to us he had suck a scared expression. They picked me up and ran to my room. They put me in a closet and handed me the story book. My mother put her crystal necklace around me and kissed my forehead. My father hugged me tight. They closed the door softly and told me not to make a sound. They go back downstairs and i hear bumping and screaming. The door opened and i heard a scratchy voice.

???:Where are you?..........I know your here somewhere.....

The person or well thing destroyed my room but they didn't find me. They growl and leave. I crawled out of the closet and looks in every room. My parents wernt here at all. That was the day my life changed.

~Few Years Later~
I cleaned the house up a bit and I had to live by myself. I see the book on my bed and opens it flipping the chapters. I go to the back seeing a crystal mold. I curiously touch my necklace on the mold and the book glows white. It soon sucks me into the book. I scream falling down and looks around me seeing words ive never seen. Stories my parents never told me. I fell on my butt and winces standing up. I look around and my jaw drops.I-im in the book
(male opening)