Hello hello! ^^ Sayura here, hoping you'll enjoy this little world I've made about my characters, original or otherwise. I was planning a fan comic for my KH Character, Riiya, but as of now I'm a bit unsure as to whether or not I'm ready for such a big project.
I WILL be introducing some of my original characters more on this world, because I've become quite attached to them haha and want to develop them to be more sophisticated, so don't be afraid to leave feedback/constructive criticism about how I can improve them!

Other than that, I also want this to be a place where you can talk about your own OCs/FCs as well, especially KH ones haha. I am very interested in reading about other characters, so don't be afraid to discuss it some here! ^^

Take care everyone and I hope you enjoy!

[R E V A M P]

Hello everyone! As the title says I will TOTALLY be renovating this haha. Most likely I'll be eliminating the possibility of Riiya having any Nobodys and I will DEFINITELY be revamping some of her profile(now that I read it, it's kinda fail in some ways). It's time for there to be some changes. ^^ Here goes!

Riiya's Official Kingdom Hearts 1 Outfit

External Image

I've finally decided to eliminate her spare outfit as much as I loved some parts of it xD It makes things a lot easier on people and not to mention I've actually drawn a piccy of Riiya's official KH1 outfit, so I've decided to leave it at that. *nods* I hope you guys don't mind ^^:

If any parts of her outfit need explaining, let me know~ take care!

Mini update #2!

Alright everyone, here is the official second mini update!!~ ^^

Storyboard: I thought I'd start off with this first since I haven't made any progress on it!! =P Still only have the first 20 pages planned, but that's only because I've started drawing the pages! ^^

Profiles: I've written up Razrael's profile(my friends' character, credits to him for the name =P) and posted it up on SoZ!~ ^^ Other than that I haven't done too much with the character profiles BUT! I've pretty much gotten done how I'm going to have each of the other fan characters in my manga make their entrance! So that is going well! ^^

Manga:LOTS of progress has been made(sort of ^^;)!~ I've done the first 3 pages of chapter 1, and the first chapter cover has been inked(I did it at 5am yesterday ^^;;;)! I'm not so sure if I'll be able to post my manga in time before I leave but I believe my dad has a scanner in his office in korea so I should be able to scan it there!
Um I haven't been able to work on it TOO much on it this week because this week was all finals but I'll definitely be able to get soo much done over the summer and even while I'm gone!~ ^^ So don't worry about updates =P

Pictures: I haven't drawn my piccys of Riiya yet in color(which is kind of important ^^;;) but I REALLY should(I might work on it on the plane ride to Korea!~). I've got LOTS to do so I might not be able to get one up THAT soon but I'll try my best to do what I can!

Oh and I'm REALLY excited to show you guys the first chapter cover page =P I LOVE how it came out so far ^^

Title: Yes I've been brainstorming titles(Hikarumi-chan suggested Zodiac's fate....) I've been thinking of titles like "Kingdom Hearts: Faded Remembrance" or something but it doesn't exactly fit Riiya's story ^^:; so I'm still working on that...hopefully I can come up with one soon! T__T

Well that's pretty much it for the second mini update!!~ Take care everyone!!*waves* ^^

Razrael Heikou

Okies so here is Razrael's profile(sorry it took awhile to post ^^;)~

Name: Razrael Heikou
Age: 15
Hometown: End of the World, but ends up in Traverse Town
Specialty: Straight-on fighting- weak in magic(only knows how to use Aero a little) and awful defense but has tremendous power and incredible fighting skills.
Abilities: High jump and speed along with whatever Aero power he can muster =P
Kind of a careless fighter in battle(always rushes in stupidly) but sometimes he can be very smart.
Weapon: Dual Reflection- composed of 2 keyblades, Mirror and Reality.
About: In the present, he becomes probably Riiya's closest friend as she teaches him how to escape the cold person that he was. Sometimes he practices training with her and they sparr sometimes, but almost always he wins. He only gets to know some of the other fan characters however, and doesn't meet them all.
-At the End of the World: Cold and reserved. There's no one there except himself so he stays there alone and by himself. Very anti-social, since there's no one to interact with yet somehow he manages to survive amongst the remnants of destroyed worlds.
-At Traverse Town: A bit more social and energetic: has his quiet side when he thinks/wonders about things and his past, which he doesn't remember.
Story: Former wielder of the darkness, he once resided in the End of the World, embracing the power of darkness and training himself to become a powerful warrior. In his time alone he would practice his techniques and refine them to the point where they were almost unbreakable. Like Riku, Razrael was also supposed to be the wielder of the Keyblade in his time but lost it when he embraced darkness and decided that he wanted to destroy the worlds by making himself stronger with the powers of darkness. Razrael existed before Riku's time and his thoughts of the darkness and personlity are the basis of Riku's existence, so the two have very similar personalities though they have never coexisted with one another. When Riku is persuaded by Maleficent to believe Sora didn't need him anymore, his thoughts to further plunge into the darkness are from Razraels past influence. Razrael continued to exist alone, but noticed that as more and more world remnants appeared, he would have to somehow escape. When Ansem(or his heartless rather) arrives at the End of the World and begins his conquest to destroy the worlds, he offers Razrael a chance to escape and have his life saved at the consequence of giving up all memory he had of the End of the World, and Razrael accepts and is sent to the future as a resident of Traverse Town.
After Razrael's arrival in Traverse Town, Mirror and Reality were born from his lost memories as he set out on his own quest to discover where he came from and how Dual Reflection came to be. Although he trains under Leon's guidance in the light he was also a denizen of the darkness that once wanted to the destroy the worlds.

First mini update!

Yay the first official mini update!!(Omg...I just type a HUGE THING and I was JUST clicking the finish button and the window CLOSED!!!!-_________-XXXX) so now I'm retyping it all all over again...

Okies well I'll put it in bits and pieces as to how I've been progressing so far =P

Storyboard:Currently I have 20 pages planned already for my story board and progress still continues!(I'm going to bring my sketchbook to Korea over the summer while I visit so I can continue working on it! ^^) Right now I haven't decided a title yet(which is kind of important...)so if you guys have suggestions I'm open to ideas for a title!(and if you successfully think of one that I like credits will go to you in my manga =P)
As of now I'm currently working on planning my 2nd chapter page cover...(it's proving kind of difficult..especially with Shiro Amano's style) but I'm sure I can get it done! I'm probably not going to add a cover until the end(even though covers make a good first-impression to a lot of people I'm not going to add one until the end just so I can understand what I officially decide for a cover)~

Manga:Currently I have drawn the first 2 "prologue" pages of my manga they just have yet to be inked!~(which is what I'm doing right now =P) I've started drawing the 3rd page but I probably won't end up finishing it until school lets out...
Hm..satisfaction-wise I actually kind of like how they've come out so far ^^ I'm working on drawing the first chapter title page(which I've FINALLY come up with a title for!) so progress is going smoothly on that...

Characters:I'm thinking of editing Asuka's abilities just a little bit...people wanted to see my sketch of her and they said she looked too much like she had Namine's abilities...so I'm thinking of maybe changing it so that instead of writing stories of past, present and future events I'm thinking maybe that she is able to use her hands to create photographs out of magic which depict parts of certain events that have happened. (They said the ink pen thing was too Namine-like...)I'm satisfied with Xira at the moment though, which is good...
Riiya's profile will soon have an update and I will post her Chain of Memories profile separately(and I REALLY need to because I've been saying I have been for the longest time =P)...I've also made a few edits to it and there's this one part that I'm extremely unsatisfied with so I'm trying to brainstorm a new idea for it..*sighs* Sorry everyone ^^;;
Um...also I was thinking of introducing my own characters to add to the plot besides just Riiya...the name I told you guys before, Hitsoju Soronai? I'm thinking of adding him in there...and since it's got a hidden name in it well I kind of want to put it in but I probably shouldn't =P
And also...these I believe are the people I've asked so far that I want to put their characters in my manga:
Rei- FUNimation
Sayoko- RSRKingdomstars
Kotori- Sora_Hanaki

Those are the people I think I have asked so far...the other characters I plan on putting in there are...(and don't kill me if I happen to miss your character... just send me a pm or comment here if you want your character in it and I didn't list it.)

Fan characters I plan on having in my manga:
-Hikari(yes, both =P)

PLEASE note that I'm only going to give them minor roles in my manga because I'm going to try and make it as least fan-girlish as I possibly can~ your character WILL be in it but even so don't expect too huge a role(Sorry ^^;; don't kill me ^^;;)...but I promise you I will include them so don't worry! ^^

ALRIGHT! That I believe is all I have in terms of updates~! I'll try and keep you guys posted! Take care ^^