Name: Kat
Gender: Female
Hobbies: Sleeping
Favorite food: Pizza and spaghetti
Favorite sport(s): Soccer and Basketball
Favorite colour(s): Black and Blue
Favorite anime show(s): Naruto and Bleach

Rude people

My friend made a pic and people eaither flagged it or told The otaku staff....WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!! DO YOU NOT HAVE A LIFE SO YOU RUIN OTHER PEOPLE'S LIFE!! (Emmett Cullen Rox) found a pic on the internet and put it on here and you all flagged it...! well let me tell you something IT'S NOT JUST EMMETT TAKING PIC'S OF THE INTERNET!! IT'S ALOS YOU AND OTHER PEOPLE YOU KNOW! SO DON'T ACT LIKE YOUR ALL COOL FOR FLAGGING SOMEONE'S WORK BECAUSE IT'S REALLY *&%!!


Here's an anime me...type...thingey...sooooo...ENJOY!!


I'm really board on TheOtaku sometimes!! If u have anytime give/send me a PM I'll be happy to talk!!

stuff about me

Here are some things that u can know about me.....I love to hang out with my friends, I love music, I love Edward Cullen, I love the colour Black and Blue (so I'm emo kinda), I love cat's and Dog's, and I love to hang out on the Otaku!

Random extras

Extras that people would like to know!! My fave movies are The 6th day, Naruto movies, Sweeny todd, Troy, P.S I love you, Narnia, Pinapple express, and slumdog millionare!!