Trophies, Gifts, etc.

So! I was trying to find out more info about these "trophies" and "gifts" stuff from an FAQ, but I couldn't really find much O_O.

For example, it says on my "Gifts" page that I can send 12252009 gifts per 30 days. (Premium members can send 12). So, like, does that mean I'm super awesome-er compared to the other premium members? *3*

And how do you get trophies? I only have a silver fanart trophy T__T NUUUUU, MUST GET GOLD *weeps*


I disappeared again x_x. Sorry to everyone who left me messages or stuff and I haven't responded! It's really hard on TheO to tell which messages I've responded to and which I haven't yet T_T;. As soon as I click on the page, suddenly ALL the messages show that they're not new anymore, and I can't tell what I've replied to and what I haven't TT! *stabs self* I think I've replied to everything now, though...but let me know if I accidentally missed your message somewhere!!

Things have been interesting over here for me. My dad lost his job...but got a new job in Arizona. So he moved out of our house and to Arizona (8 hour drive away).

I got lazy and stopped exercising and my diet, too, and I gained 10 pounds =_=". OMFG IT'S SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING Q$TGI*HQ$%OGHBGH#

*stabs people with naturally fast metabolisms, too*


Okay, weird stuff today.

I got a PM from Kohaku-dono today, saying I have way too many fans and that they're bugging her and sending her hatemail or something? WTF?

I dunno, she asked me to make them stop or something, but I have no idea who they are or how to make them stop O_O;. Why are people sending her random hatemail PMs and saying they're my fans, anyways? Sounds like someone's just trying to make trouble or something. I wonder if it's the same guy who left that spam comment on my picture yesterday. Ugh.

But yeah, I said I'd make a journal entry asking the person / persons to stop, if they see it O_O;. the possibility that they're reading this, please don't send hatemail TT!!

At least there weren't any nasty comments on her pictures, though, as far as I could see TwT

Though I did discover something weird OwO;; How does her art get more hugs than views? O_O?? Don't people need to view it first before being able to hug it?

(like here, 42 views and 98 hugs? Screenshot )

I thought that was another thing that was kind of odd O_O.

But anyways, yeah. Weirdness O_O;. I've never had this PM hatemail thing happen before. Ew, it'd really suck to get a bunch of PMs like that from someone. X_X I'd be so upset T_T. Hope they stop.

But yeah, obligatory random doodle:

WTF Flame


Look at one of the comments I got on my pictures here at TheO:

prophet mohammed
Title: Otakuite | Posted 04/13/08 | Reply

hey big ass! u need to die...cause ur huge and eat too much! go sniff some paint thinner! then eat it cause ur a pig! lol the toothpick is in the refrigerator...just think about that one! ut uuuuuuuutttt u know jazz is a lot like jello. its big and so are you, and jello is like you cause if you shake it it jiggles and so does your fat!!!!!! when you die i hope pigeons eat you before they can bury ya...and go outside and get some exercise, OR go to the bookstore and get you some hoes (by the way get big hoes cause theyre fat like you)

ur huge, ur a whale for gods sake!

if you lost 600 lbs then you would still be over the weight limit for the earth. you need two universes just to breathe
GOD DAMN YOU PISSY! youz a big ass! go to hell mother fucker...go cut fuckin goth

(On this picture: )

WTFFF???? So like...he thinks the character looks too fat? I-I'm crushed T3T. Good thing he told her to lose weight! If she were actually alive she just might take the advice!


Hahahahaha, this was one of the most random flames I've ever gotten XD

Anyways, and here's random pchat doodle:

The pose didn't really work out too well, but oh well.

Sorry For Spamming ^^;

Ummm, sorry for posting so many pictures so much all in a row lately ^^;! I don't know how often people normally post art here...I want to post up the pics in my gallery, but I'm only allowed to post one per, yeah ^^;. Long time of picture spamming *falls over* Hopefully no one really minds TT!

OMG I'm really loving theOtaku, though *_*. This is such an awesome community! Everyone is so friendly. And there's enough people to have interesting interaction, but not so many that you get flooded and overwhelmed, like on DA *_*! I think that it could actually become my favorite online art gallery, and that's saying a lot because I'm a member of a LOT O_O! (Elfwood, DA, Epilogue, Sheezy, FanartCentral, Gaia, GFX, Media Miner, Dream-Grafix, etc. etc.)

By the way, have any of you noticed that there's a "" category in the fanart submission category choices? What kind of art would that be? Is there some kind of official TheOtaku character to do fanart of? Like that guy in the upper right of the layout or something? I want to know XD XD!!!

Anywhoo, here's a random marker pic I did for fanart of my little sister's OC, Shu XD!