Deidara's Past

(Note: in this fanfiction, Kanako-san means Miss Kanako, and Dei-Dei-Usagi-san means Mr. Dei-Dei-bunny. Also, most of this is made up, except the part where Deidara meets Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori.)

Kasumi woke up late on the third day of March. She sat up in bed, rubbed her eyes, and noticed Deidara packing.

"Deidara-kun, why are you packing so much?" she asked.

Deidara sighed and replied,"I have a personal mission."

"Personal meaning...?"


"Do you mind explaining?"

Deidara sighed again. "I hadn't intended to tell anyone this, but I suppose it would be better to tell the one person I care about most." Deidara's expression suddenly became extremely sad.

"Deidara-sama, If you don't want to..."

Deidara shook his head and sat next to Kasumi on the bed. "I want to."

"Okay, If you're sure."

"When I was born,my parents had been wanting a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy. I was a gift from the heavens. That is, until they saw my hand and chest mouths. Then I was a diabolical mistake, a monster. My father thought they should raise me anyway, but my mother convinced him to have me thrown out into the street, to somehow fend for myself. He did it, crying.

"Not long later, I was found crying by Kanako-san. She fed me and took care of me. When I was able to walk and talk, she named me Deidara, meaning clay bird, because I would often take clay and sculpt little birds. With her help and encouragement, I became a genin at the age of 8 and a chunin at 10. When I was 13, Kanako-san was killed by enemy shinobi. I begged my superiors to allow me to avenge her, but they refused. I stole a secret jutsu (the clay bombing jutsu that I have honed for several years) and left. I found the shinobi who had killed Kanako-san already dead, so I started to find a new path to follow. Eventually, I met Kisame, Itachi, and Sasori. They wanted me to join the Akatsuki, and I refused.