This is a world for my fanfictions based around my oc Kasumi!!!

Deidara's Past

(Note: in this fanfiction, Kanako-san means Miss Kanako, and Dei-Dei-Usagi-san means Mr. Dei-Dei-bunny. Also, most of this is made up, except the part where Deidara meets Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori.) Kasumi woke up late on the third day o...

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I have not posted a fanfiction up here for awihle, I know. The ones I've been writing haven't exactly been pg-13. Tomorrow I plan to post a fanfiction I wrote about Deidara's past, so please look forward to it! ^.^ I also plan to write more pg-13 fanfics, so look forward to them too! Arigato!!!

Akatsuki style training! (attempt one...)

It was a nice afternoon, perfect for training. Kasumi had been in Akatsuki for a week and had already met all and became friends with most of the members. She had joined being a little less than an s-ranked ninja, so her training was going to be...

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I don't know if I should post about my oc's first day of training after joining Akatsuki, so I want you to tell me!! Coment or pm wichever you prefer!!


Yay!!!!! The Fourth of July is coming up!!!!!!! Me and Deidara-san's faveorite holiday! So, to honor it, we ask you to please read/re-read my Akatsuki's Fourth of July story, starring Deidara-san and my oc Kasumi! Thanks!!!!!