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Ok first off i'm so sorry for being inactive i'll try to start submitting art again soon!

Anyway, i just wanted to say thanks to those of you who support me still. And everyone, i'd really appreciate it if you would like, follow, and definately share my facebook page, Kasumi -Kasi- Yumi. It was focusing mostly on the Naruto Manga, but now that thats ended it will be broadened out to all my art and will have my oc's from other anime and manga, as well as their background information when the time calls for it. anyway, like i said please like and share it on facebook!

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Deidara's Past

(Note: in this fanfiction, Kanako-san means Miss Kanako, and Dei-Dei-Usagi-san means Mr. Dei-Dei-bunny. Also, most of this is made up, except the part where Deidara meets Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori.) Kasumi woke up late on the third day o...

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I have not posted a fanfiction up here for awihle, I know. The ones I've been writing haven't exactly been pg-13. Tomorrow I plan to post a fanfiction I wrote about Deidara's past, so please look forward to it! ^.^ I also plan to write more pg-13 fanfics, so look forward to them too! Arigato!!!

Akatsuki style training! (attempt one...)

It was a nice afternoon, perfect for training. Kasumi had been in Akatsuki for a week and had already met all and became friends with most of the members. She had joined being a little less than an s-ranked ninja, so her training was going to be...

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I don't know if I should post about my oc's first day of training after joining Akatsuki, so I want you to tell me!! Coment or pm wichever you prefer!!