this is where im going to rant about what i want lol ^^

Rant Number two: MORE TWILIGHT!

Yes im back onto twilight *sighs* first and for most im sorry if this offends any one out there.
Now to the main stuff. New moon will be coming out soon *yay-ish* its a good book, i like werewolves better then vampires ( especially ones that sparkle lol) now onto it...oh yes
SPOILER! If this is a spoiler then ¬¬.
I didn't get why Edward would go kill himself if Bella died, i mean wouldn't he be happy that she was gone, coz the whole "your like a drug to me blah blah crap"? ¬¬ god what an idiot.....
Best bit in the book was when he dumped her XD ¬¬ then he has to get back with her at the end.

Now to Eclipse:
Good book, like the fight between the vampires, werewolves against Victoria and the newborn vampires XD
I hated how it end D= poor Jacob...
And yeah
As i am going to say one last time sorry if this offends any one in any way

First Ranting: Twilight

Yes I'm Starting with Twilight
I am sick to death of hearing girls squealing about Edward Cullen, I found the movie one is hideous. With that I can't standing hearing about the whole thing period.
I have read the first 3 books and I am midway through the last one up to Jacob's bit (mid through that)
The shops have poster of it everywhere its fringing annoying. And there are these frame things with pictures of it and all I have seen is Bella and Edward, it's like there are NO other characters expect those two >.<
That's all I shall say =D because I can't think of any more then that