*Chapter 4*

I stared at him in total suprise. This...it...it was him!
"R-Roxas...?" I choked out as he helped me to my feet.
"How do you know my name?" He demanded, his welcoming face turning serious. "Who are you? Are...are you a disguised member of that Organization 13?"
I looked blankly into his electric blue eyes, a snotty pinch in my tone. "Who the heck is that? I'm certainly not part of it! I'm Karter, and...I live here, in Twilight Town! I've been here since I was 15!"
"Hey! Me, too! How come I've never seen you around here before?" Roxas asked, amused.
"I kinda keep to myself," I said, blushing a bit. He was even cuter in person. "Just me and my 4 friends!"
"So, how do you know me, then?"
"Well," I began. "I saw you in my dreams, in the middle of a circle of people in black cloaks with hoods, so I couldn't see their faces...And, some guys named Axel and Demyx-"
"Organization 13," Roxas whispered, cutting me off. I looked at him. "Sorry, please continue."
"O-ok," I stuttered, continuing. "You were yelling about some girl, and the blond kid, Demyx, jumped in, then Axel, and the fight, and they made you fall asleep, and...and...and they pushed you through a shadow portal!"
"And now I'm back to the start," Roxas muttered, throwing himself to the floor in dispair.

I sat beside him, and thought of something to chat about. "So...Who or what is Organization 13, anyway?"
He turned towards me. "It's an Organization of nobodies"-
My head cocked to the side in curiosity. "-What are those?"
"When a heart of someone is turned to darkness, it turns that person's heart and soul into a heartless, and the empty body shell will sometimes, rarely, turn into a person who has feelings and thoughts, and only the lasting memories of their past life they may never get back. Organization 13 is three nobodies who long to be human again, so they search for Kingdom Hearts, the only way to get their hearts back. They must collect thousands, possibly millions, of hearts to reach Kingdom Hearts. Their members are highly skilled...well...pretty much you can call them assassins. Watch your back. They're everywhere."

"So what about the girl? Who is she?" I asked after 5 minutes of silence.
"Oh. She's been my friend since kindergarten. Her name is Olette"-
I let out a scream of suprise, cutting Roxas off.
"I know her!" I said quickly, staring at his amazed face. "So you're the kid she would always go to see on Fridays!"
He nodded, a smile growing. "It looks as if fate has brought us together to find her! So...are you up for it? Or...will your family let you go?" He looked so hopeful that my heart ached when I replied.
"My parents died a year after I was born in a car accident. Some idiot T-boned them at an intersection. And my grandparents died when I was 14-and-a-half... they were my guardians for a long time....So...I guess I'm up for it, since I have nothing to lose." My heart thudded limply in my chest, each thump getting more painful.

"Really? I'm sorry for your loss...My parents died when I was about five in a violent shark attack. I was even old enough to understand it." He replied, patting my shoulder sympathetically before he continued.
"I was at home with my babysitter, and they were on vacation. The police called the house, and my babysitter answered, angry at the news, not upset at all. She left moments later, knowing she wouldn't get paid for her long hours of dealing with me. I had asked her what was wrong as she was running out the door. My parents had been scuba diving and a shark frenzy had broken out. they were right in the middle of it...I was left there alone in my house until the cops came because of a disturbance call, which was me crying. They took me to my grandparents. They were evil to me, and made me work 23 hours a day, every day. I left after a week of being there, and ran all the way back to my old house. I stayed until I was 12...And then I moved here, and bought an apartment."
"I...I'm so sorry, Roxas," I whispered, my voice gone.
He nodded. "Same to you."

Suddenly, a portal appeared in a dark purple haze a couple feet away from us.We leaped to our feet in surprise, Roxas jumping in front of me protectively.
"You have any powers?" He demanded quickly. The same sword that was in the dream appeared in his hands magically.
"Yeah, actually, I do. Fire!" I shot back acidly, my piercing amber eyes making him uncomfortable.
"J-just stay behind me, okay?" He stuttered, trying not to look back at me. "I'd never forgive myself if you got hurt."
"Dude, we just met!" I said quietly as the fog cleared. A hooded figure stood there, its arms folded across its chest. "Anyway, I can take care of myself, I'm not a 3-year-old, ya' know."
Roxas sighed in annoyance, as the figure strode over.
"Aww! Don't you two look cute!" A familiar deep voice crooned, as the hood fell, revealing dazzling bright green eyes, spiky red hair, and a sly smirk.
"Axel," I hissed, an unknown shiver running down my back as the name rang in my mind.
Roxas nodded slowly, his narrowed eyes locked on Axel, who was moving towards us.
"Who's your friend?" Axel asked curiously, reaching his cloaked arm forward. glared at him. "She's new."
"The name's Karter," I grumbled through clenched teeth.
"What do you want?" Roxas growled threateningly.
"Whoa, kitty! Retract the claws. I just came to say hello." Axel said, raising both hands into the air, a grin on his face. the sun lit up his eyes unnaturally.
I walked out from behind Roxas and glowered at Axel, wiping my bangs out of my face.
"Oh, Roxie!" Axel squealed happily, as he clapped his gloved hands. "She's much cuter than the other girlfriend."
Something inside me suddenly snapped.
"I am NOT his girlfriend!" I yelled, my fire igniting purple in my fists.
Axel gasped sharply, and took a quick step back. "Another fire commander, hmm? What do ya' know." He bowed, and outstretched his arms to me. In a 'whoosh' of sparks and smoky wind, chakrams appeared in each hand.
"I'm one, too! How bout' we make some sparks?" He glanced up at me with a dark grin. I shivered, and the heat of my flame blew through my veins.
"And you told me that to...what? Scare me?" I growled acidly, stepping up to him, where we were face-to-face. "Cause' it ain't working. Bring it on, Spike."