*Chapter 3*

My eyes shot open in fear, as sweat beads streamed down my face. I swung my feet over the edge of my...bed?! I glanced around my bedroom, swathed in darkness from the night.
"How long was I out?" I mumbled to myself as I walked out of my apartment, and down the 4 floors, out into the night to get some air. That's when it hit me. I remebered when the firey 19-year old said to leave the blue eyed kid near the mansion.
"R-R-Roxas is...he's here, in Twilight T-Town!" I stuttered as I stood outside in the pitch-black alley. Weirdly, I could see everything around me as if it was daylight out. I pushed off the wall I was leaning on, and sprinted down the alley, and out into the woods.
"So that was him peeking around the corner!" I said to myself as I zig-zagged through the tree trunks. The old, rickity mansion began to appear over the tree-tops, as I got closer and closer to it.

Finally, after a couple more minutes of running, I stood at the gate to the abandoned mansion. Walls of stone circled the broken building, keeping it protected from the dangers of the woods.
"Hello? I-Is anybody here?" I called loudly, looking at all sides. "R-Roxas? My name's K-Karter...are... are you here?"
I stood statue-still to listen for any possible movement. Minutes went by like seconds...Still nothing.
I yelled out in cold fury, the birds in the trees flying away in fear. My amber eyes turned a blood red glowing in the night. I balled up my fists as suddenly, a wave of pure, blistering-hot fire, appeared flickering around me. I
screamed out in suprise, as my anger dissappeared, and the void was filled with curiosity. The flame disappeared slowly.
"So anger brings me fire, now?" I asked myself. "But how? How would I use it?"

I leaned down to the small, thin wall, and set my hand in front of it. A ball of flame rolled into my hand, and, with amazememt, my hands didn't burn, nor turn hot. I watched it with awe as i rolled it around in my palm, smiling. Then I threw it at the closed metal gate protecting the old mansion, remembering why I was here in the first place. It expanded into a large fireball in mid-air, and seared a huge hole into the gate. I laughed in amusment, as I began to concentrate on fire. Then threw a punch in front of me. Fire sprayed out in a stream a the last bits of the gate, melting it on-contact. I let out a weird sound of happiness, as suddenly, I fell to the floor in a sudden flash of exhaustion, my eyes closing as my head hit the seared grass.

* * *

Birds chirped obnoxiously overhead, waking me up. I sat up-right, and glanced around drowsily, regaining last nights memories. I was laying in the very same spot I fell unconsious at last night.
"You're awake!" A young voice recalled. I looked around to find where it came from. When I looked to the right, I noticed a boy with electric blue eyes, and spiked blond hair. There stood the boy from my dream.