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Karter is a normal 17 year old girl from the humble bungalow of Twilight Town. She has no living family, but instead she has four friends, Eliza, Rex, Emmet, and Ollete, who can make up for the lost space in her heart. When she was a young child, her parents died in a devastating car accident. She was taken to her grandparents, where she stayed until he was 15. They both passed away that year and left their belongings to her. That's where she moved to Twilight Town and met the four friends she calls her "real family". She eventually follows the clues given to her in her dreams, and learns that the hidden powers she unknowingly enhanced at the age of 6 were given as a clue to a secret bigger than she ever imagined. She later finds that she can control those powers. As she follows the hints, she meets Roxas, and eventually Organization 13 members Axel and Demyx, who help Karter and Roxas save their friend, Olette, whom had disappeared into thin air. In Karter's heart, she believes that love and courage is nothing but fantasy. But in time, her coldness and silent, hidden fear is melted away with a love she never knew could blossom.

With fire comes the consequences of heat and pain, love and incineration, explosions and uncontrollability.

This is KARTER: The Story Unfolds.

Chapter 5

Axel threw out his hand to me, and his Chakrams launched towards me, a wave of fire blasting along behind it. Thinking on instinct, i ducked down to the ground, and the attack blew over me. I leaped to my feet and threw my hands in front of my ...

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Been a while

Hey everyone! I am TERRIBLY sorry to you all that i have not been on TheOtaku. I have been seriously busy with my life for the past few months, and i also got a new printer, one with no copier. i still have my old one that has a copier, though. So i will have to hook that one up sometime and share some of my new, better pictures with you all.

the KARTER story hasn't been touched in a LONG time, i have been working on some others you might like, too, though. It IS finished, but it's a rough sketch version that i will have to put much work into. i wrote it a long time ago, and i have learned a lot of new vocabulary (LOL) so i will get to work on it ASAP, and post it here. I thank you guys for your liking. a lot of views so far. i'm really ecstatic about that. LEAVE COMMENTS FOR ME ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK OF THE STORY SOO FAR!! Thank you all, and see you all very soon.

Motocross in the blood

Hahaha so you all need to know somethin pretty cool. I'm a motocross racer. a GIRL motocross racer. And that's something you dont see very much. I've been racing since age 8, and its the best thing ive ever tried. But unfor...

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*Chapter 4*

I stared at him in total suprise. This...it...it was him! "R-Roxas...?" I choked out as he helped me to my feet. "How do you know my name?" He demanded, his welcoming face turning serious. "Who are you? Are...are you a d...

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*Chapter 3*

My eyes shot open in fear, as sweat beads streamed down my face. I swung my feet over the edge of my...bed?! I glanced around my bedroom, swathed in darkness from the night. "How long was I out?" I mumbled to myself as I walke...

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