I have finally scrapped up the courage to show you all a bit of KARTER 2. Please tell all of your friends. Like I said, I'm trying my best to get my book famous.
Well, Enjoy!


I sat down beside a young man, about 25, with bright, glow-in-the-dark yellow eyes, and orange hair. He had a mischivious grin on his handsome face.
"Umm...T-Trenton?" I asked hopefully, my fingers crossed behind my back.
He turned to me with a weird look. "Yes?"
Yes! I thought. It is him!
"Might I ask whom you are?" He asked. "By the way, watch what you think. I can hear it."
I blushed. "S-sorry! I'm just happy it's you!"
"Who are you?!" Trenton laughed. "Please! I'm getting weirded out!"
I snickered quietly. "I'm Karter! Your brother's girlfriend!"