Hey, everyone! This is the place where I put news on Karter and her friends, plus, news on the upcoming books! I will also put out some little pieces of books being made at the time out on this post. Thanks for all the support, and keep on readin'!
Below is the link to my first book, KARTER: The Story Unfolds. Copy and paste to see it!!!


Working like crazy!!!

UGH! I've put soo much blood, sweat, and brain cells into this little set of stories. I really do love writing, and it's a good passion to helm. its easier when you have music that plays a story in your head. That's mostly how this little saga formed. i was thinknig of KH's, and was listening to All American Reject's 'It Ends Tonight', and it completely overwhelmed me. So here i am. I'm sorry again that i left you all hanging (read my apology in my world, KARTER, The Story Unfolds). I feel bad for the people who have been reading and i kinda stopped. feel free to message me your feeling about the story soo far. i really appriciate the feedback.

Peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

Character log!!!!

I'm gonig to star a big character log later, so keep an eye out!!! Its going to have a log about the person and a picture i drew, so you get a better picture while reaeding my stories! Sorry i havent been able to work on my chapters, ive been busy drawing!!


Ok, so....hmm... Well, KARTER 2 has been going well soo far. There are a LOT of twists and turns in it, soo... be ready!! Sorry I haven't been able to work on many of my Chapters, because I've been REALLY busy!!! Keep looking though!!


I have finally scrapped up the courage to show you all a bit of KARTER 2. Please tell all of your friends. Like I said, I'm trying my best to get my book famous. Well, Enjoy! *** I sat down beside a young man, about 25, with...

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