Welcome to the grand world of *dramatic pause*


I, Gem, will be in charge of the Black Cat Section and Lilly will be in charge of the Karin Section!!!

The Furuba part will be under the supervision of oth of us^____^

You don't have to join all three sections XD

Lilly will add her part later so heres the break-down for Black Cat!

Black CAt:

Chronos fights (and kills) for peace. The Apostles of the Stars are taoists (they drink a liquid called tao and receive powers)and rivals of the Chronos Numbers. The power varies from person to person and it can kill you if something goes wrong. Sweepers are bounty hunters who take bad guys off the streets and turn them into the authorities.

Train "Black Cat" Heartnet: former Chronos number XIII(13); now a sweeper. His favorite line, "I've come to deliver some bad luck. *BLAM!*" He had a close relationship with Saya. Loves food...er...anything edible and milk.

Sven: Has one eye that can see a little into the future (gift from a dead friend).

ill add more later...10/15


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