TTGL, online shopping mishaps,

My brother has gotten me into Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I'm pretty sympathetic of Viral... Kamina is rather improbable, and I think I'd be annoyed by him. Otouto-kun thinks he's awesome, though.
What else, what else, what else... I had to replace my debit card because I accidentally signed up for a very disreputable download site... That was a big mistake. I got a nice new Orly hat off the Gaia store first, though. Lucky me!

...I've spent the last... half hour? No, more than, looking at fanarts, leaving this post unfinished. I guess I should submit, then eh?

How I discovered the Awesomeness.

Let's see... It was several years ago when I first glimpsed Karas: The Prophecy in WalMart. (Say what you want about that store, it's local and the stuff is cheap. And I live in the boonies.) The cover intrigued me, dark and brooding. The summary on the back of the box sealed the deal. I got it, brought it home and watched it. And watched it again. And once more. I found it awesome, and after some research, found that there was to be a second movie. I was ecstatic. However there was no release date to be found... anywhere. I sighed, and continued watching and re-watching Karas: Prophecy. (Subbed, dubbed, even straight Japanese once.)
Flash forward to summer 2007 and my family's annual summer road trip. We bought a portable DVD player for the trip. I, of course, brought Karas for watching material on those 10 hour drives. (They're not so bad once you get used to them, honestly.) In a convenience store / gas station in the middle of Pennsylvania, I saw an anime magazine I'd never seen before. Otaku USA. It caught my interest, so I picked it up. I didn't notice one of the taglines on the cover until I got back to our humble '98 Subaru, announcing the new Karas movie, Karas: The Revelation. I was grinning ear to ear, with the occasional silent fangirl squeel (I didn't want to break my family's ears, after all...) while we headed for Williamsport(sp?). After reading the article over and over again. (Grinning as wide as possible when my favorite character, the rouge mikura Nue, was mentioned.) After burning the contents of the article into my memory, I claimed the DVD player and popped in Karas: The Prophecy to try to state my need for its sequel.
Flash forward to the end of the trip. Almost immediately after I got home, I pre-ordered Revelation online. It was to come in late October. I occupied my time until then preparing and watching Book Three of Avatar: The Last Airbender (the only reason I watch Nickelodeon.) Which satisfied my fangirl self for a while... Until I was shouting at the mail box something to the effect of "Give me my movie now!" Yeah, I was impatient.
So it finally came in around October 30th. I was overjoyed, and watched it three times that day. And I continue to break out the two movies to watch once in a while. But, I do not forget the first time I watched that poor Karas-before-Otoha get pwned, Nue's shiny guns, or poor Yurine get taken away by that spider mikura (damn her). They are treasured memories.