=] Hey. The name's Kaori Rae.
This is my new blog. yayness...
I made this because I can't find my old site... which is probably gone, but not big deal, right?
I'll be updating here on new art I post, new anime/manga i encounter, and life in general.

you can also find me:
gaia: Saturn Sakura
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I need some help please

I have a challenge in the fan art division, and im really looking for some participants. I have 2 very nice entries already, but i am giving away 3 prizes. =] please consider entering. It's really easy. it's just a picture depicting the celebration of a new year!

the contest can be found here http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/challenges/view/397/2010_and_confetti

=] thank you i hope to see your art!!


Super Awesome new OTAKU!!!

=D yeah! The Otaku's up and awesome. And it's really easy to use thank goodness.