December 18th '08, Thursday - 9:17 PM

Dear Nina,
Okay! I had a great day! Why you ask? I really don't know. Today was Conference Day *growns*. And my dad didn't remind me until we picked up my brother. Yes he caught me off guard. He probably knew I would ask to stay home. So we ate at McDonald's and went to the conference at 5:30 PM. Gladly, I stayed with my brother on this little table that's supposed to be the School Store when kids are in school. We did his homework and I read one of the Mangas I found in his bag (yes he collects them too, he got that from me) called I Luv Halloween #2. Wow. I mean, wow. Kinda random and scary at some points. Which reminds me, I must continue reading it after typing this. And since my dad got good news from me from my teachers, he decided to take me to Target to buy Betsy a birthday present. He told me that all the teachers said awesome things about me and that my Science teacher used my booklet as an example for other classes! YAY! My drawings were indeed, kind of good. I loved that my Science teacher used my booklet as an example despite the fact that everyone in the other classes copied and traced most up my drawings. Well anyway, points for me! And, also my dad told me my Algebra teacher said I was the top of the class even though I have a B in his class. NO WAY! Yeah! Me smarterest! Yup, that explains that A I got on my last test.
Surprisingly the conference was short. We left to go to Target at like 6:00 PM. There, I struggled to find Betsy the right gift, just the same like Jordan. This time though, my budget was kind of higher, like $25 coming from my dad. My mom on the other hand does $10 budgets. I was going to get Betsy and first a Gaia Online Cash card, but she doesn't go on Gaia Online. I was going to buy her a iDog cause it was on sale, but I agree with my dad, it is kind of lame and boring (I would grow out of it, yet I still want one). With my $20 budget, I felt like I could buy Betsy anything cause of the Holiday discounts! But I ended up getting Betsy a $10 Gift Card for Target, $1 Card, a $.79 ribbon (bow for decoration), and a The Moment of Truth Game Set (WITH A LIE DETECTOR, COOL!). She'll love it! And tomorrow is her birthday party. I'll be picked up after school with all my other friends by Betsy's mom. Woot woot! And we'll go roller skating and eat pizza! YUP!
"Spirit Week"! Yes, today was Decade Day. You were supposed to (if you wanted to) dress up as a person from decades ago or from the future. Of course, I didn't do it because I didn't know it was Decade Day. Tomorrow, (sorry, I forgot the name) you can support your school by wearing purple and yellow (I think that's the color). I'M GONNA DO IT! Yes, yes I am! I'm gonna wear long socks that are purple and yellow! Go me! But I don't have socks like that. :P We'll see what I come up with tomorrow.

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