Hey guys!!

It's my first time on TheOtaku for like a month!! First I got my laptop taken away ('cuz I was grounded *groans*). Then I get this infection and everything just sucks. lol. I've been hospitalized for a while now and I haven't been able to go on my computer that's at home or use my laptop. The only thing that's been keeping me company is my phone and my tumblr app haha. Anyways! The point of this post is to apologize for not replying to you guy's messages earlier. AND I STILL NEED TO POST MY SECRET SANTA STERFFFFFF!! I'm SUPER DUPER SORRY for the lateness! When I get my laptop back, it'll be posted ASAP! Luckly I was able to type this up using my friend's laptop so I feel more at ease instead of thinking that everyone on theO thinks I left (or maybe nobody noticed at all lol- probably so). I'll be leaving the hospital in a few days (HOPEFULLY!) so when I get back home I'll be posting those over-due Secret Santa gifts and more. :D