September 18th '09, Friday - 12:00 PM

Dear Nina,
Ugh. I just typed this and it got deleted. Anyway. Today was a good day. I woke up to finish typing yesterday's entry, then fell asleep again. Then I woke up at 6:30 AM. I planned to wake up earlier because I had so much homework to do. I ended up just getting ready, eating breakfast, and printing out something so I could put it in my homework. And I was going to bring my umbrella, but it wasn't raining at the moment. I thought I was going to be late! But I ended up being early. We had a new busdriver substitute who's pretty fast at driving, but parked way to far when we were supposed to get on. Then I daydreamed. When I got to school, during homeroom, I did the homework and turned it in during Social Studies. During Social Studies, we first read. I got this cool new book called Everlost and I love it! Then we did some boring book work. Now I kinda have homework. Next I had Algebra. We had a test! It was easy! But I didn't know some of the questions. Then we did some other work and then we went to Language Arts! First we finished that Placement Test. My friend and I were the last ones to finish so we had to go to anouther class to finish it while the class talked about this game we were supposed to do because today was Friday. I finished first and when we came back, we got out a piece of paper like everybody. The game was to start a story and then we passed the paper in our table counter-clockwize and then continued the story. My story is kinda scary. But this boy's was funny! I couldn't help but laugh our loud. We didn't get to finish, and our teacher collected the papers, so we couldn't even read them, well, not until next Friday. *sighs* Then we went to Science. We first studied for the test we were going to have after lunch, then went to lunch! During lunch, I didn't talk to Jeniffer much. I just ate my hard chicken nuggets. After lunch, we took the test. Our table had to be cleared, so I threw my stuff on the ground and my books went sliding under our table. The test was easy! The vocabulary wasn't that easy though. I was one of the lasts to finish. When the people at the other table finished, they were reading my books! Of course I should be mad, but they probably thought it was nobody's since they found it on the ground. But the boy reading my book kept looking back at me. So I think he knew it was mine. He should have ASKED FIRST! UGH. Oh well. When he left, I asked the girl if I could have my books back. Then I started reading.
Next was Chorus! During Chorus, we had a substitute. Almost everyone was misbehaving and this other teacher came in to yell at us. Then we wrote down some boring vocab. words and watched this presentation with the lights off. Then I went to the bathroom. Then we sang. First we sang using the recording our Chorus teacher left us. But then that crazy lady came back and played the piano for us. Then she talked to us about our voice being the "instrument" and we're not "serious". First of all, we heard that MANY times. Second, all of us ARE serious about this. Ugh. Then we got dismissed first if we had Tech Ed next. Then I waited for Betsy. Then I went to Tech Ed. During Tech Ed, people were cutting wood again. All I just did was talk to Danielle and Jeniffer. Danielle now has this personality I don't remember her having in the 7th grade and I think I don't like it at all. She forced me to talk to this boy I hate for no reason. And she even lifted my chair. And Jeniffer gave me the silent treatment to drive me crazy and laughed. What's up with my friends nowadays?! The only REAL friends I have are Betsy, Abigail, and Lindsey! Yeah, that upsetted me. Then I waited for Jeniffer after I finished putting stuff in my locker, and she talked to her other friend. UGGHH! On the bus, I just thought about who was my REAL friend. When I got off, I was still thinking about it. Then when I got home, I read Naruto.
Well, actually, I don't really remembered what happend when I got home. I think I did read it, though. Then I took a nap. Wait no! I didn't read at all. I went on the computer! YEAH! I went on my mom's computer. What else? Well, that's it. Then I took a nap, yes. Then when my dad got home, he was mad because the house was messy. Then we had a fight. We then ate on the deck. And then he asked me where the left over chicken nuggets were from yesterday. Ugh. I ate them, but I couldn't tell him! So I lied. And said I didn't know. And then my brother tried helping me out. Then when he forgave me, I still lied about the chicken nuggets. Then, I played around and stuff. I DO NOT remember ANYTHING. I forgot all of it. Then after my dad took a shower, I did. He waited for me so we could watch a movie. Then after taking a shower, he said he was tired, we went upstairs and my dad tucked me in. Then he went to sleep. I feel bad for my dad. Tomorrow he has to work ALL day. Anyway, then my brother woke up and I had to comfort him. Then I went on the computer and watched Hakushaku to Yōsei. I was a little upset with the ending. But I'm not really that upset I finished it though. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm starving to read Naruto all the time. So, yeah. Then I went on YouTube and watched AMV's. Then I watched other cool videos. I also watched Shugo Chara. Then I told myself I'd wake up in a few minutes and set my alarm. And fell asleep. I kept doing that until 2:00 AM. I kept adding minutes. Then I eventually told myself I'd just go to sleep already. Then I woke up and typed this. Then I finished typing this way past midnight. Yeah.

Question & Answer:

Q: How long did it take you to type this?
A: That's WAYYY unknown.