September 16th '09, Wednesday - 11:12 PM

Dear Nina,
I woke up early to finish typing yesterday's entry. And then fell asleep. And guess what!? Nobody even wakes me up again! My father and mother just leave to go to work without waking me up! WHY!? Ugh. So then I had to get up myself and get ready fast. Then I ate breakfast while reading Naruto. And guess what?! My mom calls to tell me that it's raining! You gotta be kidding me. So then I run and get the umbrella. Then when I walked to the bus stop, atleast the water didn't bounce off the ground again. It wasn't even raining that hard. When I got to the bus stop, these girls were talking. On the way to school, I just daydreamed again. During homeroom, I did my Algebra homework. Then during Social Studies, we did some boring bookwork. And I didn't even get to turn in this paper we were supposed to turn in. During Algebra, when my mechanical pencil broke, I couldn't write anymore and solve this problem the whole class was doing. And at that moment, the teacher called on me. Why. WHY!? And I got the answer wrong. I mean, out of all the other problems I got right, she called me on that one? Now she thinks I got ALL the problems wrong. UGH! Then after Algebra, we were supposed to go to the library for Language Arts. And then Jeniffer and my other friend went the other way. I thought they were going to the Language Arts room! So then I followed them and they ended up going the other way. And when I called for them, THEY DIDN'T HEAR ME! So I had to go back the other way, through the crowd, to go to the library. UGH! In the Library, we got our barcodes to check out books, and we also saw this presentation. Then we did this scavender hunt around the library. I haven't been to the school library since last year! They had cool new books! When I saw the manga, I couldn't stop staring at them! Haha! Anyway, I did the whole scavender hunt thing by myself. Jeniffer and my other friend just talked. WHY!? After that, we went to check out books. I really couldn't find a book I wanted. I ended up getting book my other friend was going to get. Next was Science. After the class in the library ended, I had so much stuff to carry! So I then went to my locker and put some stuff in there. During Science, I forgot what we did. I think we just did the drill, and did this paper. Then we went to lunch.
During lunch, I didn't even talk to Jeniffer much. All I did really was eat. And the food I ate was good, at first. But then it tasted bad. Then back at Science, we went over this paper we did and then took notes from the book. Boring. I skipped some questions. When that class ended, I went to Chorus. During Chorus, we sang, of course. We also read the rhythm things. After Chorus, I went to Tech Ed. And that's where all my friends are. And I laughed and laughed until like halfway through the class, I realized that there was a vice princible in there taking notes on everyone's behavior. And I was behaving bad. WHY!? WHY!! Ugh. My luck. So then I did the project. Then I did my homework, that I didn't even get to finish! This upsets me. When the bell rang, it took me a few times to open my locker. Then I got my stuff and packed it and went to the bus. On the bus, I daydreamed again. Then when I got off the bus, I just walked home. When I got home, I took a nap until 3:50 PM. Then I got a snack and read Naruto until my dad and brother came home.
When they got home, I read in my mother's bedroom until my dad called to tell us it was time to eat. Then I watched this old TV show I used to like on TV while eating noodles. Ahh. Those were some good noodles. Sadly, nothing grilled today though, because it was raining again. Then I went back to watching the show after eating and cleaning the table. Then I read Naruto when the show finished, I read in the living room. Then I played with my brother and we ran around in the bedroom. Then I went away to the living room to continue reading. When I decided to play this other game with him, he came to me and stuck his gum in my hair and laughed. WHYYYYYY!!!??? What's up with him? Doesn't he know sometimes people have to cut their hair because of that?! That's my brother, never using his little dumb brain. *sighs* Good thing I took it out in time. And when I told him what could happen, he immediatley apologized. Really? Just after laughing? Ugh. He gets on my nerves. Then I continued reading. When my dad came, he then played "MEAT!" with us again. Ahhh, we really are children. It was fun this time because I went to save my brother. My dad caught me once, but I was too fast for him. And I'm too fast for him with running around in circles too. Haha. Then, my brother took a shower while I read Naruto, in the dining room. I read it as I layed on our chair. I was sweating alot too! Then my mom came home and asked me why I was sitting there. When my dad told me to take a shower, I just wanted to continue reading, SO BAD! IT WAS GETTING GOOOOD! But then he got mad, so I had to. So then I read Naruto in the bathroom for a few minutes. Then I watched a little of the show my brother was watching. Then I took a shower. After that, I snuck upstairs and went on the computer and read Naruto #29 until I finished it. Then I read it online on MangaFox because I didn't have the Volume #30 and I can't wait to read it! I read until this show ended. I've been watching this show for a while, and when they told the winner and it was this guy, I wasn't surprised. Too bad it's already over. My dad was watching downstairs. Then my dad came upstairs and I got off the computer quickly. Then when he went downstairs to take a shower, I went back on and continued reading. At the last minute, I forgot my cell phone downstairs so I ran downstairs to get it out of my bag and my dad popped right out of nowhere! And I just told him I need my cell phone for my alarm! Heh. Then he went on my brother's computer and I couldn't go on my computer without getting caught. So then, I fell asleep. But before that, I started typing this, and now I'm finishing it, at 5:14 AM. WHY!? Haha.

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