September 15th '09, Tuesday - 11:09 PM

Dear Nina,
Today was fun! I thought it would be a drag though. I woke up late too. I just kept adding minutes to my sleep. I ended up waking at 6:30 AM. Yeah. Then my parents left and I ate my breakfast. Then I got ready and then left to go to the bus. Nothing special on the bus today. Then I put away my stuff when I went to my locker when I got to school. During homeroom, I did my Algebra homework. Then they said the annoucements. I seriously thought there would be no school on Wednesday. It was actually no school on October 16th, not September. Yeah. I kept believing there wasn't any school tomorrow until Social Studies, when I checked myself. In Social Studies, we first read. Then we did some papers. We wrote down some notes from the book and stuff. I even got up to get the books for my table. Next, I went to Algebra. It's amazing. I never really talk during my classes, yet I'm not recognized. The students who didn't talk got extra credit. And my teacher said there were only 5 studens who didn't talk. Yeah. I didn't talk. Yet, she didn't give me extra credit. *sighs* We did the drill. Then we took notes. I was really good at the problems! I finished all of them first! Then we went to Language Arts. We first wrote in our Writer's Journal, because today is Tuesday. Then we talked for a while, and wrote our essays. When I finished, someone at our table proof read it. I didn't really want anybody to read it, so I only let my friend read it. Then I went to Science. During Science, we first did the drill. Then we took notes from the book. Then we talked for a while. Then we got this worksheet to start a lab when we got back from lunch.
We went to lunch. During lunch, some other kids sat on our table. I ate my food and just daydreamed, again. Then we went back and went over the notes. I got them all right! Then we did the lab. It was fun! We made observations too by writing it down on this worksheet. We first poured baking soda and this toxic into a plastic bag together and mixed it (then we took observations). Then we added this blue liquid. And it filled the bag with air and it looked like it was about to pop. THAT WAS COOL! Well, I'm in the 8th grade, so I've never really done any REAL labs before when chemical reaction takes place. Then it started getting hot, then cold. Then we took observations and our teacher did her own lab and showed us. Yeah. It was flammable and had flames. And she went around so we could feel the tube. Sadly, she skipped my table and didn't notice. *sobs* Then I went to P.E. We first went into the locker rooms to change. But as soon as I had my shorts on, this girl said that we didn't have to change and it was optional because the boys don't have to change. So then, I went back and slipped into my clothes. I don't really like my gym uniform, so I was okay with that. Then we went to the Fitness Lab. Then I started regreting I didn't wear my gym uniform, because we were going to run outside. Then we first did warm-ups. Then we went outside. Betsy didn't have the right shoes, so she couldn't run. I first went into the line with the people who would walk the whole period, but then went into the line where you have to run for 9 minutes. When I started running, I didn't regret my decision. I mean, get it over with, right?! But after the first 4 minutes, I noticed I started running too fast in the beginning. Then is started getting hotter and hotter and I felt like I was going to die. REALLY. I still had my pants on! WHY!? I should have changed! UGH! And I had long sleeves too. Ugh. Finally after 9 minutes, I was so happy. And then we went inside, all of us sweating. I went to the bathroom and then assisted this teacher, cheerfully. Then we played basket ball. I had this ball that looked like it could never make a shot. Then we went back in the locker room and I was about to get a drink of water before the other girls from the walk came in. And they just came in when I was about to get a drink. I only got a short drink because those girls all wanted a drink. Then I got my stuff and then left to go to Tech Ed. During Tech Ed, I was still sweating, and poor Danielle still couldn't talk! And we had a substitute. So first we did this paper. I rushed through it and got it done first. Then we did this crossword puzzle that Danielle helped me with (I helped her too). Then I went on and on about not knowing there was school tomorrow. I really thought there wasn't! AHHHHH! I had my whole day planned: READING YOU-KNOW-WHAT! Then the other students got out of hand and didn't behave. They started disobeying the sub. and he called the princible over. Wow. Scary. And the princible was mad. Naturally, if you're called down because the students of your school aren't behaving. Then some kids got sent to the Princible's Office. When he left, everyone laughed. Then they didn't know that anouther teacher from the office had came in and sent everyone who laughed to the office. Good thing I held my laughter. Then I did my Algebra homework. I didn't get to finish it though. Then the bell rang and I went to my locker and got my stuff and went on the bus, which was really close to the school today. And I found out that my seat got moved to the front. YES! No more sitting next to those 2 girls, squished! When I got off the bus, I was still sweating. When I got home, I was happy. But upset there's school tomorrow. I thought on the paper they gave us said no school on September 16th. Sorry I'm still going on about that. IT'S JUST SO SAD! Then I got some water, and drank it out of a straw, slowly, to let my thirst last longer. Then I layed down on the couch. Then I went on my mom's laptop. Then I got my library books and some money. I then went on the computer until my dad called. When he did call, I went outside and locked the door and went inside the car, where my dad was waiting for me. But first we had to move this big box out of the way because it was a piece for our grill. It was just delivered while I was at school.
First we picked up my brother. And I had to hide from some kids I knew. Then we went to the Public Library. When we got there, I saw some Highschoolers in the Manga section. NOOO!! I wanted to get Naruto #29! But it seemed like whatever I did, I couldn't approach them. When I first did, I noticed that one of the girls was my friend from 6th grade, Andy. But then I ran away and looked at the other books instead. First I searched on the computer for any "French Dictionaries", and I found them and looked for them. I got two. Then I found some Shakespear books. I got 2. I want to read Romeo and Juliet now. Why? Because it reminds me so much of Romeo x Juliet! Then I asked my brother to get Naruto Volumes #29-35 for me. I didn't expect him to, but he did. He struggled alot at first. He kept going there, and changing his mind and coming back. He kept doing this while I looked at the Shakespear books and while I looked around. He kept doing it until eventually, the highschoolers were talking about him. I feel bad for him. And he finally just ran in there, and grabbed as much volumes as he could, and brang them to me! He's so nice! But sadly, he forgot Volumes #30 and 31. I then asked my brother to check if they were there. And my brother actually went back! I owe him, big time! But he came back empty handed. *sighs* I didn't want to check myself, so I went on the computer and saw that it was checked out already. So I checked out our books, playing my $7.30 fine. Then my dad came and we left. When we got home, I went upstairs and read the books until my dad finished cooking and we ate. As soon as we started, my mom came home. And it was good food! Really good! And after I finished it, my mom and I talked. But while eating, I kept misbehaving and playing around. I got in trouble. Heh. Then we all talked. Then I cleaned the table while dancing to some random music. Oh yeah! Umm, we had to eat inside today because it looked like it was going to rain, so we didn't eat on the deck. Then my mom had to leave to go do something for her work. I then got the Sonos and played music while cleaning the dishes. It was fun. When I finished putting them away, my dad, brother and I played around and played "MEEEAATT!" We just run away from my father who pretends he's a monster. And my brother got caught alot. And then I ran around. When my dad got tired, I played some music and danced to it. Then he caught me this one time and I got away safley. Then when I thought we were done playing, he caught me and I tried to run, but I slipped on the carpet and he caught me. That was fun. I almost got away. Then he scared me and was this close! But I got away again. When we finished playing, my dad watched me and my brother dance to random music. Then my dad went on the computer while I played music I haven't heard in a while. My brother even danced with me a little. But then he started drawing some manga. Then I listened to music until 8:30 PM. I really haven't heard that music in a while! Then I took a shower. When I finished, I went upstairs and watched Hakushaku to Yōsei. Then my dad took a shower and I continued to watch the 11th episode, when I should have been typing this! Then when he came upstairs, I had to pretend I was sleeping. And then he went on my brother's computer, so I couldn't really go back on my computer without getting caught. Then I tried reading Naruto. When I heard my dad coming, I pretended I was asleep. Last time, in the same situation, he caught me. Then he finally went downstairs. When he did, I was REALLY happy. I got to read Naruto without any worries. I kept reading until 11:30 PM, when my mom finally came home. And then I started typing this, but didn't get to finish. And now I'm here now, typing this! YEAH! Good day today! Goooood Daaayy!

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