September 14th '09, Monday - 9:52 PM

Dear Nina,
Oh this morning... this morning was all about spaz attacks! I feel like I died many times. I couldn't stop smiling too! I woke up at 5:00 AM and put on my clothes. Then I took a little nap. Then woke up again and did my Algebra homewrok. Then I started reading Naruto #28. OMG. I was so excited! Even though my parents had called me downstairs to get ready, I could only focus on Naruto. I had to hide to read it. And I kept reading even though I haven't yet finished Volume #27. I WAS SO EXCITED. Then I forced myself to get ready and then ate my breakfast while reading it. And then it was almost time for me to go. My parents and brother had already left. I was screaming. IT WAS SO EXCITING. And I had to stop where I found out that Gaara was the new Kazekage. I was screaming like crazy as I put on my shoes. Then I didn't even care if I looked good or not, I just though about Naruto. Then I got to the bus stop and yada-yada. Same old, same old. Then I went to homeroom. I was a little nervous. First I went to Social Studies. We read first. I read the new book I got from the library. Then we did some papers. Then I had Algebra. During that class, I had a hard time at first, but then I was like the first to finish all the problems. Then I went to Language Arts. Boring. We just talked and then wrote this essay. I don't know how to do it. Then I went to Science and started to loosen up. I talked alot. We did the drill and then a lab. Then we went to lunch.
Last year, Aisha had this mean friend. I don't know why she even considered him a friend. Anyway, he sat next to me during lunch. I wasn't even able to talk to Jeniffer about me going all crazy because of Naruto. And that boy had the most annoyingest squeakiest voice ever! I even had to go to the bathroom because he was making me laugh so much. Whenever he laughed, it sounded so annoying, so I would laugh as well. Haha. I'm mean. And then we went back to Science. We finished the lab. We did it wrong. And then I drew and talked with my friends. Then I went to Chorus. We sang. We did the warm-ups. I love our new songs! The girl I hate made a fool of herself because she didn't sing the song right at all. She's new to Chorus. Then I went to Tech Ed. Ahh. It was supposed to be the relaxing class. Not. I did my Algebra homework and talked to Jeniffer. I also helped my friend, Sarah, draw a mad face. I also had to deal with this boy. He's annoying. And poor Danielle. She can't talk because she had surgery in her mouth. She has a dry-erase board so she can communicate with us. Then I got a drink of water. When I came back. somebody through something at my head. Ugh. These people. Then the bell rang and I was really fast at packing my stuff. And when I got on the bus, it was pretty hot. Yeah. Then I got off the bus, just daydreaming. When I got home, I continued daydreaming about that thing I was thinking about earlier. Then I read Naruto in the living room. Then my dad and brother came home. I practiced my kicking too.
Then my dad started cooking. I continued on reading. Then I watched TV. Then I set the table ready and we ate. We listened to music too. It was fun. We ate on the deck. We had hotdogs, corn, and bread. It was good. There is now alot of bird poop on our deck now. *sighs* Oh well. Then I went back inside the house and ate a snack while reading Naruto behind the tables. Then my brohter caught me. Then he ate a snack upstairs. And I continued reading. When my mom came home, I greeted her, then continued reading. Then it was already 7:00 PM and I kept on reading. Then I just span around. Then I went inside my mom's bedroom and daydreamed about being in Naruto and being the strongest Ninja ever! Then I took a shower. Then came up here and watched this show. And then I watched the Naruto anime. Then I watched Hakushaku to Yōsei. Then I drew Deidara. And then typed this. Good day.

Question & Answer:

Q: How long did it take you to type this?
A: I don't know for exact.