July 21st '09, Tuesday - 11:45 PM

Dear Nina,
Yesterday I stayed up until 2:45 AM, reading Naruto #7 on the computer. Yeah. And I woke up at 9:00 AM. After waking up, I took naps around the house again. Yeah. Then I read more of Naruto, and then we left. My mom is off this whole week, so we get to go places with my mom. Anyway, today we went to Amazing Glaze. There, I got to pick a pot, and then color it. I first washed it, and so did my brother. Then we painted it. IT WAS FUN! It may have took 2 hours, but it was worth it. On Sunday, we're going to pick it up! And my brother made two! It was fun, it really was. But I kept messing up, and getting myself dirty with paint.
After, we went to Panera Bread to eat. It was pretty good. After, we went to Marshall's. Boring. We looked at the shoes, then the toys (for my brother). At the toys, I took a nap cause I was tired. Haha. After, I tried on some clothes for my mom. Then we went to Kleins. Yup. Shopped for food. After, we headed to the car.
My brother really did misbehave alot today. He made my mom upset. I feel bad for her. When we got home, we ate dinner. Then I went upstairs and put the laundry away. Then I read the Fruits Basket manga I still have from the library. I just skimmed through the volumes I have. Fruits Basket really had a WONDERFUL story plot. It was a fantastic manga. I love it. After that, I just watched TV with my dad.

Question & Answer:

Q: Are you over Fruits Basket yet?
A: Actually, yes, a little. Well, whenever I'm having fun, and I think about it, I get all sad. But reading Naruto helps ease the pain, alot. I mean, after finishing a manga that I like, I get all depressed like there's nothing else to do. But since I started on a new manga right after Fruits Basket, I barely feel the pain!