July 20th '09, Monday - 12:53 PM

Dear Nina,
After waking up, I ate Pita-Bayon. Pita-Bayon is Bacon and Mayo wrapped in Pita bread. Sounds, awesome right? My dad and I made up the name. He invented it yesterday, and it tastes SO good. After that, I took naps around various couches in my house. I had to keep getting up so I wouldn't be caught sleeping. Then we left after getting ready. We went over the bridge and into Delaware! Yay. And at first, we were lost. Then we found this store and went inside. My brother and I faught alot and I got a cool book. After, we ate at Friendly's. It was good. I got to make my own ice cream! And since they had a "Crane Game" thing, I tried it, and on my first try, I won something!! I won a stuffed Barney.
After, we went to the mall. There, we just looked around. And while in one of the stores, I created a "Syllable Theory". You should have seen me. I was brainstorming, and I couldn't help but write down my thoughts on my arm. And I got in trouble. Oh well... After, we stopped my a store and I saw Anime and Manga stuff inside. Too bad I couldn't buy anything. Then we went to Brookstone and saw this cool excersizing thing. We wanted to buy it.
Then we looked at other stores. After that, my brother bought a game, and we looked at this weird, soap store. Then we left. Then we picked up something from the mall, and then headed to this outlet. Yeah. The Public Library closes at 8:00 PM, so I wanted to make it there in time, even though my parents said we wouldn't. And so it was already 7:30 PM, so since there was nothing good in the outlet, not even good books or shoes, we left. Actually, I did see this one store with a Fruits Basket bookmark, but I really wanted to get to the library in time. And then we finally got there at 7:50 PM. Wow! We made it! And I got my Naruto Manga! Too bad they didn't have Volume 7. Now I have to read it on the internet. When we got home, we ate dinner together. Then our parents watched a movie, and my brother and I drew pictures. Yeah.

Question & Answer:

Q: What book did you get?
A: It's a "How to..." book. IT'S AWESOME! It shows how to do random stuff!