July 19th '09, Sunday - 11:48 PM

Dear Nina,
I FINISHED Fruits Basket! Woke up early to the sound of my brother's annoying voice. Then I went inside my bedroom and read more of Naruto. Then I read more and more, and then my mom left to go on a jog. Then my brother and I ate lunch by ourselves. We just watched TV. Then I read Naruto #6 and finished it. Then my mom came back and I finished Fruits Basket #23.
Okay. Here's what I typed on Notepad after finishing the manga:
Awww!! I'm crying. I just finished Fruits Basket. I don't know why, but the ending was so bad, it made me cry. And I'm still crying! Well, the ending was happy and all, but it made it absolute that Fruits Basket is forever over. And that makes me sad! [WARNING! SPOILER!] I wouldn't have cried if they didn't skip to like, to 40 years later at the end. I don't know what I was so upset about. It's either seeing Tohru and Kyo so old, still together, or skipping the part of the farewell. I don't like it! Why!? I still have questions, and the whole Manga is over and I can't change a thing about that! *sobs* Fruits Basket... it was a wonderful Manga to read. And it being over upsets me, entirely. WHAAAA! It would have been better if they showed a picture of everyone older, like 20 years later. WHY DID IT HAVE TO SHOW ONLY TOHRU AND KYO AS LIKE... 50 YEAR OLD PEOPLE?! It's not like it would make a difference. It's just that, I don't know. Maybe I think that since they were all by thereselves, maybe it's like everyone else was out of their lives. I no, here comes the tears again... But anyway: THAT WAS THE BESTEST MANGA I'VE EVER READ IN MY LIFE!
Yeah I just wanted express how I felt RIGHT after I finished the manga.
Then my dad came home and we ate dinner and then we got ready and left. We went to a "Greek Fest". On the way, I played games. We had to park at some place and then take a "shuttle" (van) to the fest, because there was no parking place there and it was like a 3 minute ride away by car. Anyway, all there was there was food, and games. My brother tried one game (which was overpriced), and we tried some food even though we ate. It was good! We tried these "Honey Puffballs". Not bad. But after like 15 minutes, we left. BORING. I didn't want to go in the first place. Then we went back. That shuttle/van was nice, cool, and comfy. We then went to the dam. Yeah. My mom's first time there. We saw alot of people catch fishes! Alot of people were there. We just sat down, then left. Yeah. When we got home, I rode my bike, drew, and watched a movie. My bike didn't have flat tires anymore, so it was funner to ride! And we watched a pretty good movie! Plus, in between, my brother and I had some good laughs by watching funny videos on YouTube.

Question & Answer:

Q: What else happend today?
A: Well, on our way home, we passed a peacock. And my mom called out, "PEASANT!" While I called out, "PEACAN!" That was funny. I mean, it's called a, "Peacock," and neither of us remembered. Heh.