Kami's Online Daily Journal

Dear Nina,
Finally a place where I can jot down my daily life!
A little place on TheOtaku just for me.
Where my fans could read all about my life.
All about my real life outside the internet.
But what should I call it?
A diary, a forum, a blog?
No, how about a journal...

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March 20th '08, Thursday
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July 22nd '09, Wednesday - 12:38 PM

Dear Nina, Waking up at 11:00 AM didn't stop me. I read Naruto alot, today. I even had a dream about Gaara, trying to kill me using a this type of water that kills people, but he couldn't. Anyway, after waking ...

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June 22nd '09, Monday - 10:57 PM

Dear Nina, Yup. Last night, I just chatted with Kachi in the Chat Room. Sadly, my dad kept coming to my bedroom, so we had to keep GGSP (secret). Anyway, it was pretty fun! Last night I had a dream my mom cleaned my bedroom and threw everyth...

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June 1st '09, Monday - 3:51 PM

Dear Nina, What a day. I woke up late, and well, I still had that big scar on my nose I got for scratching it. And right before I went out to catch the bus, I rushed to the bathroom and grabbed my mom's make-up kit thingy and put some "found...

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April 13th '09, Monday - 9:22 PM

Dear Nina, *growls* Uhhhh. School tomorrow! WHHAA! But I guess I'm a little excited. I still have 2 field trips to look foward to. But still... So we came back from Wisconsin yesterday, or today. Whatever. To tell you the truth, I kind of wa...

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January 7th '09, Wednesday - 8:55 PM

Dear Nina, AHHHH, TOSHIBA'S OKAY! *sighs of relief* I was so worried about my Toshiba *hugs computer*. It's just that Toshiba wound't turn off. I wanted to turn it off because there was a blank screen. And when...

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