Kami's Online Daily Journal

Dear Nina,
Finally a place where I can jot down my daily life!
A little place on TheOtaku just for me.
Where my fans could read all about my life.
All about my real life outside the internet.
But what should I call it?
A diary, a forum, a blog?
No, how about a journal...

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March 20th '08, Thursday
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July 26th '09, Sunday - 11:28 PM

Dear Nina, Today my dad joined us for a trip. It's a good thing he didn't have to work today! And this morning, he even brang breakfast. Today we went to Delaware again. And since I still don't have my stylus, I had to play Guitar He...

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June 28th '09, Sunday - 10:48 PM

Dear Nina, After I woke up, I went on There.com again. This time, I had a weirder experience. I first just walked around, showing my brother all sorts of places, and then we fell upon this halfpipe place. And I got out the c...

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May 7th '09, Thursday - 8:38 PM

Dear Nina, I swear, my dad is having a bad birthday. This morning, I planned to wake up at 4:45 AM, but instead I woke up at 5:30 AM. To make it worse, my dad woke me up. So I didn't have time to make him anouther present. We went downstairs...

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April 15th '09, Wednesday - 8:05 PM

Dear Nina, Happy Tax day! Well, this punishment of mine isn't really working. My dad seems like he forgot all about it. But he still won't give me my internet, so I'll type on my mom's computer again. School. Today we had Algebra for two per...

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April 4th '09, Saturday - 10:51 AM

Dear Nina, WHOA! The second 'AM' entry ever!! OMG!! This is one lucky entry. I'm typing this in the morning though because we'll be leaving to Wisconsin soon. *sobs* And I have to pack. So about Abigail's Sleepover: IT WAS FUN! So after I ty...

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