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Dear Nina,
Finally a place where I can jot down my daily life!
A little place on TheOtaku just for me.
Where my fans could read all about my life.
All about my real life outside the internet.
But what should I call it?
A diary, a forum, a blog?
No, how about a journal...

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March 20th '08, Thursday
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Sweet 16?


Haha. As much as I would like to say that I had my very own "Sweet 16" Party, sadly I didn't. But it's okay 'cause my family decided that we'd make this day very special for me. So this is how my day went:

I woke up at 7:15. IDK why, but I cried a bit because I had this dream about me having a very horrible birthday. Anyways, yesterday my brother begged me to let him have his friend over. I was kind of hurt because, well, y'know. It's my birthday and all and I thought we'd have a family celebration, not a family-plus-one celebration. Well whatever.

My dad had to work today so he left early in the morning, but my mom didn't fail to give me a great cake to eat. YUM. (But it didn't compare to last year's cookie cake. Not even close.) I also had my favorite breakfast, an egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich. DOUBLE YUM. After that, I opened my presents. This year, I only wanted money, and I was sure as hell blunt about it. So, I got cards... filled with money. (I'm such a greedy person, I know.) I ended up getting 270 dollars!! THAT my friend is a record.

Afterwards, I went upstairs. I watched the most recent episode of Guilty Crown. Then I got dressed. Then watched a bit of Gurren Lagann downstairs on our iPad. Then we left to go to the library. I got some movies to watch later. Then we went to get some chocolate. We ate it at the park. My brother played with his friend. (I know, it's getting boring.)

We then went to get some McDonald's. My brother's friend and I talked about Skrillex (he's obsessed with it). Then we went home. I watched Tekkonkreet with my mom while eating my McDonald's. (My bro's friend didn't eat his McDonald's 'cause he got the wrong order. *sighs* What a waste of good cheeseburgers.) My brother and his friend did whatever little boys do while we watched. It was an interesting movie. Then my dad came home. Then my brother's friend left. My brother's friend's brother was a kid I met in Middle School. He's so hot now... but I won't talk about it because I'm too tired to.

Then my brother cried because he missed his friend. *sighs again* Then we went to eat at a sushi resteraunt. The food was greasy but good. Then my brother went to two different GameStops to find the game Portal 2. He finally found it on our third stop, Best Buy.

Then we went to Barnes & Noble. I got an OTAKU USA magazine and Dance of the Vampire Bund Volumes 8 and 9. Then we went home.

When we got home, we watched Tokyo Godfathers after making cookies. Then I took a shower. I bought myself a Premium Account with a credit card my dad gave me ($200, so I guess I got 470 dollars this year, ay? WOW.) Then I typed this.

Right now it's 12:00 AM, March 18th 2012. I had a great birthday. I kind of rushed the summary of my day when I got two-thirds through it. It sucks that I had to spend the last minutes of my birthday on my computer though. But everyone is sleeping... Hmmm... I'm sleepy too.

With my families efforts, I was able to have my Sweet 16 birthday just the way I liked it. (Although I wish it was on a school day so I could skip school.) G'night everyone.

P.S. OMG OMG OMG. I GOT A PREMIUM ACCOUNT. With this, I'll be able to create more worlds!! LOL! So this might be my last post in Kami's Corner. I'LL MISS YOU DEAR "DAILY DIARY", but it's time to move on.

(P.P.S. I didn't proofread this, but that's okay because I want it to be the way it is when I typed it on my birthday. Sorry for the spelling errors if there is any.)


Otaku Legend, Birthdays, Braces, and Japan :3

BOOM! BOOM! *strikes a godly pose* FIRE POWER!!

FINALLY! The time has come. Kami-chan.x3 has become an... Otaku Legend.
*echoes some more*


Now. Proof? Here it is:

Congratulations! You have been promoted to Otaku Legend status. This is an *extremely* rare honor that takes over three years to achieve on our site.

Your name will soon appear in a promotions news article on our Official World. Thank you for your deep contributions to our community and we hope you bring honor to the reputation of Otaku Legends everywhere.

- "Bossman" Adam

Oh dear Adam. How long has it taken for me to become an Otaku Legend? I thought this day would never come. *sighs*

K. Just wanted to post up saying that the 17th was my birthday and now I'm 15!! YAY! AND. Guess what? Today I got myself some braces. Yay. I guess... Not really... And my brother and I had a Studio Ghibli Marathon. We watched The Cat Returns (which we watched for the first time and it was REALLY cute!), Spirited Away, and Castle in the Sky. Yesterday, for my birthday, we watched Kiki's Delivery Service (which used to be my favorite movie ever! It's also cute!) while eating PIZZA HUT! Okay. Well. Just wanted to post this up.

P.S. I actually cried when I found out what happend to Japan. Such a beautiful country, and bad things had to happen. That REALLY sucks. After begging my parents, we donated $100 to Japan. God. Why Japan? Why did it have to be the place where manga and anime is from? Why did it have to be a country where I always wanted to visit and live in? *sighs* Why? Please help donate to Japan!!


September 9th '09, Wednesday - 9:45 PM

Dear Nina, Eek. I fell asleep at 12:00 again last night. And I woke up late. Well, around 6:30 AM I woke up. I planned to wake up at 5:00 AM. Oh well. I started watching Vampire Knight too, so I really was going to be late. ...

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May 14th '09, Thursday - 8:25 PM

Dear Nina, What a long, great day. I woke up late, but awesomely, my dad decided to drop me off at school. When I got there, I remembered today was Ariana's birthday! In P.E., since it rained, we excersized in the Fitness Lab. There was also...

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May 8th '09, Friday - 9:30 PM

Dear Nina, I guess you can call this a "better day". We had a substitute in Science. In Language Arts, we just talked and read stuff. After, I went to Tech Ed. We only stayed in Tech Ed for 30 minutes cause after, we went to an assembly, in ...

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