Kami's Online Daily Journal

Dear Nina,
Finally a place where I can jot down my daily life!
A little place on TheOtaku just for me.
Where my fans could read all about my life.
All about my real life outside the internet.
But what should I call it?
A diary, a forum, a blog?
No, how about a journal...

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March 20th '08, Thursday
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July 26th '09, Sunday - 11:28 PM

Dear Nina, Today my dad joined us for a trip. It's a good thing he didn't have to work today! And this morning, he even brang breakfast. Today we went to Delaware again. And since I still don't have my stylus, I had to play Guitar He...

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July 21st '09, Tuesday - 11:45 PM

Dear Nina, Yesterday I stayed up until 2:45 AM, reading Naruto #7 on the computer. Yeah. And I woke up at 9:00 AM. After waking up, I took naps around the house again. Yeah. Then I read more of ...

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March 29th '09, Sunday - 3:15 PM

Dear Nina, Yes, I'm typing this extra early on a weekend. I woke up at 11:00 AM today and then read Chibi Vampire. Yes, it's a good Manga! Heh. So far today, all I did was watch the Nickelodion Kids' Ch...

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March 3rd '09, Tuesday - 3:54 PM

Dear Nina, Snow day. But we still only had a 2 hour delay. *growls* I should've been happy, but no. I acually kind of expected to have the whole day off today. Oh well... Anyway, I had two hours right? All I did was watch TV, draw, and eat a...

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