Kami's Online Daily Journal

Dear Nina,
Finally a place where I can jot down my daily life!
A little place on TheOtaku just for me.
Where my fans could read all about my life.
All about my real life outside the internet.
But what should I call it?
A diary, a forum, a blog?
No, how about a journal...

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March 20th '08, Thursday
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. c o n t e n t e d . u l t i m a t u m .

Dear Nina,

12:49 AM

Ultimatum - A final uncompromising demand or final proposal...


Is Kami Dead?
Is Kami a liar?

Well, my dear fellow otakuites, I'm most certainly alive... so the answer must be the latter. I'm. A. Huge. Idiotic. Stupid. Liar. But, I guess that's the way I am. Did you know? I'm also known for plagerism? ...... I can't even spell it right. *takes out dictionary* Plagerism. Plagiarism. Anyhoo... I'm a criminal! I'm so surprised I haven't been thrown in jail yet. :P *sighs* I still remember, back when I used to go onto Stardoll, and I would copy people's profiles ALL THE TIME. I guess I was about 10-11 back then, but still! I don't do it anymore but I'm still haunted by my faults. UGH. I'm horrible. If you don't believe me, you can even ask Kachikamac. Okay. On with something else...

SOOOOOOO. Why haven't I been onto TheOtaku!? Haha. I don't know!

But here's something that may or may not surprise you:
KAMI IS NOW A FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL! No, 9th grade isn't hard (8th grade was harder). And yes, I'm still a procrastinator. So much that I even turned in all my late work on the last day of the quarter. I don't know where my modivation went. It's like, after I moved to America, each year, it disappeared. It's gone. I don't study for tests, I forge signatures, I DO NOT do my homework at all, and I play games on the laptop during school when we are supposed to be doing a project. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? What am I? A DELINQUENT? Who knows? Probably.


Since I haven't been onto TheOtaku for stupid reasons, I'll give a summary of what I can remember that has happend throughout my life since the last post:

- My mom's mom and my dad's mom came to visit. (OMG ITS GRANDMA REUNION!)
- I watched a load of anime and read an equally amount of manga.
- My family and I drove to Wisconsin to visit Mom's family during Summer Vacation[2010].
- My family and I flew to California to visit Dad's family for Christmas [2010].
- My parents faught this one time and I was so scared that they'd get a divorce. They didn't. As a matter of fact, they are A-okay now. Halleluja.
- Getting braces soon. Ugh.
- I read fanfiction almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
- Hmmmmm.... can't remember anything relevant.
- I think I'm becoming too paranoid lately. Who knows? Do you?


I guess the past months I've been glued to my iPhone that all I see a day's worth is: Play on my iPhone. Go to school. Go Home. Play on my iPhone. Everything in between playing on my iPhone is basically a blur. No lie. But I know for a fact that adding 'Go onto TheOtaku' onto my daily schedule would be a nice thing. Why? TheOtaku = Heaven. 'Nuff said.


Sooooo.... Onto my favorite part: What anime have I been watching and what manga have I been reading? Fu fu fu fu.... MUWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!~ Well, last time I said my favorite anime was D.Gray-Man and I was fussing all over for it. Wow. Good times. But these are GREATER times. Now. Please welcome, the wonderful and amazing:

.:'~Katekyo Hitman Reborn~':.

*spaz attack* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Am I okay, you ask? WELL OF COURSE NOT! I'M IN THE WONDERFUL PRESENCE OF THE MOST AMAZINGEST AWESOMEST COOLEST ANIME I'VE EVER WATCHED IN MY WHOLE LIFE!! 3lkdsjf03,xnx's120495-dsfnfnmkjl98t65vjnbnmkmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm`q150. That my dear, was me banging my head on my keyboard. That poor 'm' key was abused.
ONWARDS! KHR. KHR. KHR. KHR!! Is. Amazing. It's my favorite anime now. Everything else stayed the same. Prince of Tennis is still my favorite manga. But now Kyo Kara Maoh is my second favorite anime. Katekyo Hitman Reborn knocked it down. Oh yes. My dear, KHR! I'm not lying when I say this: I would definatley marry KHR! if I ever could. I love it so much that I read several KHR! FanFictions at of course: FanFiction.net. I also read Prince of Tennis FanFiction all the time. And before I talk all about KHR! I'll talk about all my other anime and manga I've watched/read over the months:


  • Togainu no Chi
  • Toradora
  • Arterial Fortune
  • High School of the Dead
  • The World God Only Knows
  • Higuashi Koro Ni
  • Kuroshitsuji II
  • Uraboku
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  • 11 Eyes
  • And more...


  • Hetalia Axis Powers
  • Karneval
  • Alice the 101st
  • Pretty Face
  • And more...

Of course I can't remember all of them. And I also have been continuing on reading D.Gray-man [monthly], Kuroshitsuji [monthly], New Prince of Tennis, Pandora Hearts [monthly], Ao no Exorcist [monthly], Naruto [weekly] of course, Katekyo Hitman Reborn [weekly], and others I can't remember. You can't blame me for not remember all the anime and manga I've watched/read at this time. It's 1:41 AM right now for crying out loud! UUGGHH. Though I guess I'm kind of disappointed in myself. I've watch and read alot of good ones. ALOT. But I guess I can only remember these in particular cause they stood out. I mean, The World God Only Knows had an amazing opening, great art, and funny storyline. And Arterial Fortune was SOOO boring, but I still forced myself to finish it. But believe me, there is SO much more I've watch and read.
Ohhh. And about KHR! Since it's so amazing, even greater than D.Gray-Man, it most certainly gets its own post. I'll have it up on Monday or Tuesday since this is a 4 day weekend and there's no school on those days! LUCKY ME! But anyway, Katekyo Hitman Reborn is amazing. I dominates. It's a legit anime. I swear. Amazing. Awesome. *sigh* "Kamikorosu." That's a wrap!


Okay. I said I went to California to visit my dad's family earlier, right? It was fun. My cousins are AMAZING. And the majority of the time, we played Monkeyball. Monkeyball is now my favorite game. And yes, we played it for the Gamecube. I've had this game since I first had a Gamecube, which was probably the age of 6. Yup! I was about 6 when I first started playing the game. And I used to love it. But since I don't really play video games anymore, I forgot about it. Visiting my cousins made me remember a game that used to be amazing in my eyes. I love it so much I even got the app on the iPhone for it!! Haha! And speaking of iPhone, have I mentioned that I've spent $50+ dollars on apps for the iPhone? Wow. That's alot. My favorite app on it is the Crunchyroll app. If it weren't for the this app, I would have not been able to watch KHR! when we went to Wisconsin. There's ALOT of anime to watch on that app. Anyway. My favorite game is Chaos Rings. It is currently the most expensive game in the App Store, being $12.99 It is made by the creators of Final Fantasy and is an AMAZING RPG. Wow. I love it. I've already played the game for 6 hours and 49 minutes and I'm only 22% done! It's like AMAZING! (As you can tell, my vocabulary is very limited when describing something I love.) I love this game so much because of it's awesomeness. The characters are awesome, the story is epic, and overall, it's an obvious 10/10 for me. You should get it if you have an iPhone. I have now fallen in love with RPGs [Role Playing Games]. And since one of my cousins had a PSP, I now want one. SO I CAN PLAY MORE RPGS IN HIGH DEF! I'll get Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and all that jazz. I guess I'm really influenced by the cousins I love, eh? I guess that's why I bought myself one $15 iTunes Gift Card in California and a $25 iTunes Gift Card a week ago. My cousin does the same thing, but I don't think he spends as much as I do. Well, what can I say? I love them apps. And I love my iPhone. If I ever have time, I'll take screenshots of my iPhone and post them up like I did last time. This time, my iPhone is much cooler, I mean with the new iOS update and all. And I of course have tons more apps. Oh, and if you're wondering, I don't have an iPhone 4. I have a 3GS. I want an iPhone 4, since the majority of the adults have one on my mom's side and especially my dad's side of the family. But do I need that luxery? I'll stick with the 3GS for now and if I ever have some spare money (Pfffft. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! ROFL.). I'll buy it myself. I won't have my dad buy it (WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! TOO FUNNY!!). What can I say? I heart iPhones. Mine in general.


2:14 AM

Random Topic:
Have I yet to say that I have a newfound obsession towards eggs? I haven't? Well, I do. I still hate them scrambled. But I'm in love with sunny-side up and hard-boiled! I love an egg sandwich for breakfast now. It'll have toasted bread with beacon, and of course the egg (sunny-side up). And hard-boiled eggs are amazing when cold!! I love them. I don't know why all of a sudden. But it happend.

Random Topic II:
When we returned home from California, I was so depressed. This life is boring compared to being with my fun cousins. We are even considering moving there, when my mom retires from the Army. And she's retiring this year. It'll be weird, my mom not working anymore. She's been in the Army since before I was born. That's the reason we lived in Germany for the majority of my life. If she's going to stay home after she retires, with no job, it will most definitely be weird. But she deserves a rest. She's such a supermom. Back to the subject: When we returned, my brother was so sad he started crying. We had to go to school the next day, so I wasn't happy myself. Everything was so gloomy.

Random Topic III:
I cleaned my bathroom last week. It wasn't horrible but my mom thought it was messy. It's good I got that out of my way. She now owes me Wendy's for a WEEK.

Random Topic IV:
My Facebook account was disabled for a good 8 months. Before going to California, I sent an email to the Facebook Team. I didn't bother before, but I wanted my account back now. While in CA, I finally received an email saying they reactivated my account, and I was so happy that I slapped my brother in the face. Poor kid. But I still think he's annoying.

Random Topic V:
When we were on the plane to California, I played with my Nintendo DS, after a long time. And it was boring. VERY BORING. I thought it'd be fun since I haven't done so much as touch it for a LONG time. But I got tired of the 3 games I brought. But truth be told, my Pokemon game stayed true to it's worth and is still very fun!


Remember last time? I said I would start typing my entries again? And obviously, I lied. I even made up excuses. Oh, those excuses. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I know, I know. I shouldn't keep telling everyone that I'll go onto TheOtaku when I know I'm probably going to lie. Right now, I'm typing this because I was "in the mood to". Daily entries... I don't know if it'll work. TheOtaku is amazing, that I know. But can I really put the effort in going onto TheOtaku and typing an entry everyday? Well do I have the modivation to do so? Like I said before, ever since returning to America, I've been slowly not putting any determination towards anything. In 6th and 7th grade, I still had some determination. But look at me now. I'm now a 9th grade delinquent-ish girl. Hmph. What am I saying? I'm acting stupid again. Putting myself down won't do anything. I guess I'll try. I know the majority of the time nobody reads my posts. But this is for ME. I typed this because I remembered the joy of typing these posts and shining everyone's miserable day with my interesting life (please excuse my narcissism there). I'll try. I will. Hopefully. In a week. Or next year.... Ugh. My procrastination.

Contented - Feeling or showing satisfaction with one's possessions, status, or situation...

3:00 AM

Yours Truly,

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