Kami's Online Daily Journal

Dear Nina,
Finally a place where I can jot down my daily life!
A little place on TheOtaku just for me.
Where my fans could read all about my life.
All about my real life outside the internet.
But what should I call it?
A diary, a forum, a blog?
No, how about a journal...

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March 20th '08, Thursday
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September 23rd '09, Wednesday - 10:46 PM

Dear Nina, Okay, I must type this fast. Today I woke up late, once again. And I procastinated. Then I waisted my time reading Naruto. Atleast I didn't miss the bus. During homeroom at school, I was early, so I ...

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September 22nd '09, Tuesday - 10:25 PM

Dear Nina, Ehh. I'm SOO tired. Today I woke up late again, thinking it was still early. When my parents left, I got ready fast, then read Naruto while eating breakfast. Yeah. Anouther normal day so far. Then I ...

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September 21st '09, Monday - 10:40 PM

Dear Nina, What a bad day. I woke late too. Oh well. Atleast I was able to get dropped off by my dad cause he wasn't working today. Anyways, I woke up, walked around the house, ate breakfast, then got ready. Then we left like really late. Oh...

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September 20th '09, Sunday - 10:37 PM

Dear Nina, OMG. Anouther boring day home. If it weren't for Naruto, I'd loose my mind! Anyway, I fell asleep at 6:00 AM last night, err, or today. And yeah, it's pretty cool that I woke up at 9:00 AM and wasn't...

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September 19th '09, Saturday - 12:00 AM

Dear Nina, Falling asleep at 1:00 AM or whatever didn't help. I woke up at 12:00 today. First I woke up at 10:00 AM and I was okay with it, so I took anouther nap and woke up two hours later. After waking up, I went on the computer and conti...

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