Kami's Online Daily Journal

Dear Nina,
Finally a place where I can jot down my daily life!
A little place on TheOtaku just for me.
Where my fans could read all about my life.
All about my real life outside the internet.
But what should I call it?
A diary, a forum, a blog?
No, how about a journal...

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March 20th '08, Thursday
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Daily Journal Ended. (Journal Entries)


I'm NOT Dead.

Dear Whoever is Reading This... oh! and Nina,
Hi. Long time no talk. This is my first time posting an entry on this world as a 14 year old (my birthday was on the 17th of March) and as a Senior Otaku++ (May 11th). Haha.... *sighs* Sorry. So much has been going on in the 8th grade.

Excuses Reasons why I haven't been typing my journal entries:

I haven't done any homework (How is that a reason?). I had a kidney infection and was stuck in the hospital for a week. My dad had a birthday party at our place and this Naruto-obsessed boy kept asking me out while his little brother recked our Dance Dance Revolution. My family came to visit. I've been busy drawing. Apparently, there's not enough hours in the day. Et cetera. Most of all, I was busy reading manga and watching anime. Stuff happend. I GUARANTEE I'll come back when school's over. Then it's hello high school for me. Yay. (Please note that I said the sarcastically.)

Anyhoo (haven't said that in a while). I miss ALL of you. Even if you don't ever read this journal entry, I hope you'll reseive recieve.... I can't spell it. *Dictionary.com* .... *clears throat* I hope you'll RECEIVE this "Kami misses you" message telepathically. If that's even possible at all. *bursts out crying* I'm so RANDOM! My grades have been dropping and it's because I can't live without TheOtaku. WHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Okay. Now to put all that sadness to the side... I guess I can tell you my new favorite anime and manga. My favorite anime used to be Inuyasha and my favorite manga used to be Fruits Basket. Yeah, those are the times I used to love shoujo (I still like it, but not as much). Now, I can't stand to watch any anime or manga with a female main character (I prefer male now). I'm addicted to shounen. I FEEL LIKE SUCH A GUY. (Well doesn't 'shounen' mean boy in Japanese?) Well, it doesn't partically have to be shounen. (Lalalalala... I love parentheses!) As long as the main character is a guy. So. Onward!! Now, my favorite anime is:

Kyo Kara Maoh
External Image
(This anime is just hilarious, cute, and entertaining. The main character is AWESOMELY strong (and male). And is a DEMON KING!! HAHA!!! I seriously enjoyed this anime. I reccomend it to EVERYONE. Can't call yourself an otaku if you haven't watched this. :P)


My new favorite manga, bumping Fruits Basket off the top is a manga I never thought I'd like. BUT IT'S SO AWESOME. I finished all 42 volumes in about a week. Wow. I just love this manga. If you recommended this manga to me like, about a year ago, I would have laughed in your face and rejected your offer. But I'm so glad I actually read it:

Prince of Tennis
External Image
(Believe it or not, I play tennis now. Yeah. I now love tennis like I love this manga. The anime is pretty good too, but I didn't watch all of it. Oh, and the main character of Prince of Tennis is cute, kicks butt with tennis balls, and of course, deserves to be crowned the prince. Not just any prince, but the prince of tennis. He is most definitley insanely good at tennis. Tennis tennis tennis. Never thought I'd like it. P.O.T. [Prince of Tennis] rocks!)


That should be it, right? A favorite manga and a favorite anime. But, I started watching an anime a few months ago. And I can't get it out of my head. After watching Kyo Kara Maoh and reading Prince of Tennis, I stopped thinking about them like a few weeks after. But this one anime I cannot stop thinking about. EVERYDAY. How long has it been? I think the only reason I can't stop thinking about it is because of all it's possibilities and that it's still ongoing. I'M DYING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!! After watching all 103 episodes of the anime, I started reading the manga (the story continues in the manga). I prefer the anime over the manga, but they are both great. Sadly, I can't catagorize this as my favorite anime or my favorite manga because that slot is already taken, so I'll put it in my favorite anime/manga position. It's so addicting, and well, I say it's really good (my opinion). Here it is:

External Image

Seriously, you don't have to agree with me, but this anime/manga really is the best. Don't agree? Get off this page. Click Here to Go to TheOtaku Homepage :P Haha, I'm just kidding. No seriously, get out. Just kidding. :3 No worries, if you're a D.Gray-Man ha-hat-hater (couldn't say it, let alone type it), I welcome you here to read about me talk about it. But if you really hate it, it wouldn't hurt to click this: Click Here to Get Kicked Out You Meanie!. Hahahaha. I'm joking. *coughnotreallycough*

[Please play music while reading this for a more dramatic effect and a taste of D.Gray-Man while I blab about it.]

(This is the 3rd opening song of the D.Gray-Man anime series. This isn't actually the opening, it's an AMV someone made. This song has been stuck in my head since FOREVER. I love it too. Best song EVAH!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I can't stand how addicted I am to this song, along with the anime and manga.)

*switches on fangirl mode* D.Gray-man. D.Gray-man. Amazing. AWESOME! I LOVE IT! The characters are so realistic (according to me). The plot is awesome (according to me). The main character is just so AWESOME (according to me). I mean, who doesn't like a main character who's the youngest and most strongest (according to me) exorcist of an order who's trying to defeat a clan that wants to destroy the world. And that clan are called the Noah, led by the all-mighty powerful Millenium Earl. [SPOILER ALERT!] And a member of the Noah happens to be the main character whoisalsotheyoungestandmoststrongestexorcist. And that same character who's part Noah part exorcist also wants to become the Millenium Earl. Who doesn't like a good character who's part evil? Yes, and the wonderful main character of D.Gray-Man is the one known as Allen Walker. He is so amazing. LOVE HIM. I just love everything about him. Him having a Noah inside him, him being such a nice guy but mean and agressive when it's needed. His white hair is so cute.... *fades* But he's not the only awesome character. There's Lenalee Lee, Lavi, Kanda, Miranda, and more. They all have interesting pasts and stuff. And each of them have innocence, a power to defeat the Noah clan. Allen's innocence is exceptionally strong. So amazing. His innocence evolves through out the story (LIKE A POKEMON!) Ever since I've found out he's part Noah, I've been eager to see how he reacts to the Noah inside him. That's why I'm dying to know what happens next in each chapter. Sadly, I need to wait every MONTH. Grrz. Who wants to wait EVERY month? And get this: I have to wait until JULY this time. Why? Because the mangaka, Katsura Hoshino, who I'm thankful for for creating D.Gray-Man, but still, she doesn't catch her due dates!! I heard she was in an accident though! I CAN'T STAND LIFE NOT KNOWING HOW D.GRAY-MAN WILL END!! ...... I mean: I hope she's okay!! *sighs* Prepare for a change of subject out of the blue: I love this anime/manga so much I even read already like a dozen fanfictions related to it. Who knows? Maybe D.Gray-Man isn't that good and I just thought too much of it and got carried away and made the greatest anime/manga in my head. Or maybe not. What am I talking about? IT'S AMAZING. I've probably said that a million times already, but I guess I'll have to say it a million and one times now: AMAZING. D.Gray-Man: My Obsession.

[Feel free to stop the music now, or go back and watch it this time.]

So yeah. That sums all of it up. Bye. Until next time. Ciao. Farewell ye young maiden. ... I'm so weird.

P.S. Now lookie here. It took me about 2 hours to type this. This is why I don't type journal entries anymore. I tried to keep this nice and sweet but it ended up about me talking about my new favorite anime and manga and... *talks into walkie-talkie* CUE THE LIGHTS AND CONFETTI!! ..... *trumpet plays*


Haha. I made D.Gray-Man look all pweeetttyy!! Shoot. I'm off topic. Well, it's already 8:58 PM and I still need to take a shower. But I don't regret typing this. It was fun. And once again, I'm terribly sorry for not talking to any of you guys!! T.T

P.P.S. Oh yeah! Forgot to mension: I got an iPhone for Christmas. (Talkaboutrandoooomm)

P.P.P.S. I feel sorry for drunk fangirls.

To Do List: Forget about D.Gray-Man. .... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. no way.

Update: After I posted this up, I went on MangaReader.com and found out that D.Gray-Man Chapter 195 was out. It was updated. TODAY. Even though it said not until July. OH MY GAWD. H.A.L.L.E.L.U.J.A.H. (You can guess what I did next. :P)


Can't Stay Away...

Dear Fellow Otakuite and Nina,
Tsk Tsk Tsk. Looks like I can't stay away from TheOtaku after all. But I'm not planning on starting my daily journal entries yet. I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to type about my WHOLE day, tomorrow and the next day and next. Not with all the stuff going on in my life right now! Wow. I really am bad at English. Even though the only language I speak is English, I can't even speak it correctly! I'm language-challenged. If that even exists at all. Looks like I'll fail the foreign language class in high school. My sentences don't make sense most of the time and since they don't, I use too many parentheses to explain them. Actually, it looks like I haven't used any parentheses in this entry yet! GOAL!! I feel so proud of myself!! I haven't used any parentheses yet!! I was able to stay away from the parentheses curse!! (*5 minutes later* ...... I didn't know parentheses was spelled 'parenthesis'.) I just used parenthesis. (). <---- AND THERE AGAIN! ..... My pride just went down by 90%.

ANYWAY. In this entry I was supposed to talk about my iPhone and brag about it but I was too distracted by parenthesis. So, yeah. I got an iPhone for Christmas. I love it. What do I use my iPhone for you ask? Silly question young child. This, my dear friend, is what I use my iPhone for:

- To listen to music (I basically use it as an iPod)
-Watch videos on YouTube (mostly AMVs)
-Read manga using the internet app on MangaFox.com and OneManga.com (I read the majority of Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go, and lots more on it.)
-Watch anime on Veoh.com (I watched Soul Eater, Big Windup!, 07 Ghost and more on it.)
-Read FanFiction
-Basically, surf the net
-Renew library books
-Call family, friends, etc.
-Take pictures and record videos
-Take notes (and I take ALOT)
-Keep track of the weather
-Go on Facebook
-Play the piano on a piano app (I can play the song Allen plays on the piano in D.Gray-Man on this app!)
-Watch TV
-Watch Asian dramas and Anime on the Crunchyroll app (one of my favorite apps)
-Learn new words (and how to spell 'parentheses') using the Dictionary app
-Play virtual tennis
-Take pictures of my brother, edit it using several different photo-editing apps and put it onto Facebook and onto an album using the Photobucket app.
-Play games (Doodle Jump, Angry Birds, Tap Tap Revenge 3, etc.)
-And MORE.


Now. Since I had nothing better to do I took a few screenshots of all the apps I currently have right now on my iPhone. There may seem alot, but really, compared to what I USED to have, this is nothing. Yeah, I took the liberty to put them all on here:

External Image

(Haha!! That's my wallpaper! And it's just as you guessed: D.Gray-Man!!)


External Image

(Looks like I have 13 messages!!)


External Image

(I love these apps! They are all useful and FUN!)


External Image

(I put these in color-order :3!!)


External Image

(And... the rest.)

(I was able to put the screenshots on here because of the Photobucket app. Can I have a round of applause for the wonderful Photobucket app?)


Yeah. Basically without my iPhone, I'm just a weirdo. But with it, I'm a weirdo with an iPhone. So would you rather be a weirdo with an iPhone, or just a plain ol' weirdo? Haha. Anyhoo!! There are also bad things that happend to me because of my iPhone. Numero 1: I downloaded waaaaayy too many apps (even though they were free) and my dad got mad and took my privledge of buying apps without asking him away. Numero 2: I broke his rule of not downloading anymore apps and I accidently downloaded an app that costed $8.00 and my dad got mad... again. Numero 3: I ended up buying a $30.00 case for my iPhone. Though, I really do love that case. It's AWESOME! But spending $30.00? Was it worth it? Hmmm... WELL OF COURSE!! Anything for my iPhone! Hahahaha!!

Thanks for reading this much of this random entry about me bragging about having an iPhone and making you feel bad if you didn't have one, or if you do making you want buy a bunch of apps I told you about, but maybe you don't and I'm just being naive. Wow. What a long sentence. Whatever. If you don't have an iPhone, you don't know what your missing. Sorry. Am I being mean? But maybe you still don't want an iPhone? My old cell phone, a Samsung MS 300, is still of use to me (well, as an alarm clock). Yeeaaahhh. But really, if you don't have an iPhone, you should get one. I'm not forcing you to. Really. No pressure. .... Weeeelll, for all non-iPhone-users, please watch this:

(Haha!! Sorry, couldn't stop myself!)


P.S. I failed at not using parenthesis in this entry.


I'm Back.

Dear Nina,
I'm back.
New and Improved.
Wow. I can't do this. I stopped typing these entries. I've become such a procrastinator. I pushed TheO out of my life completely. 8th grade has been hard. The worse. This hiatus made it better for me to consentrate on my studies, which I haven't done. And... I'm the worse. I planned to stop typing the entries for only a month. Then it went to like already half a year.
Lately, I've been depressed. Why? I don't know. I just went on TheOtaku today, at 10:39 PM and guess what? Ouch. My heart like stopped beating for a second there cause, well, it's hard to explain. Remember when I used to say, "I can't live without TheO?" After I left, I don't know.
I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I can't live without the people here! That's all I have to say for now. So much has happend since the last time I typed my last entry. I will continue typing my daily entries starting February 1st. I don't really promise, but I will try. I NEED THIS. I'm so sorry for being gone so long.

P.S. Love you all!


September 29th '09, Tuesday - 12:00 PM

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September 28th '09, Monday - 12:00 PM

Dear Nina, YAY! OUR DAY OFF! WHOOT! After waking up to see my parents off, I just wanted to go back to sleep. I did, in the living room, but only for 30 minutes. Then I ate my waffles! YUM YUM! Then after that, I went back upstairs to lay do...

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