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Welcome to Kami-chan's Otaku my little Otakuites. Just a little world with my Profile and a daily/weekly Talk Show. Okie dokie, onward to the Profile Part! I'm currently 12 years old. I was born on March 17, 1996 [Year of the Rat]. I'm a femail. I've been an Anime fan since Birth (my mom bought be a Sailor Moon plush toy the day I was born). Some of my favorite Anime and Manga are: Inuyasha, Naruto, Shugo Chara, Ultra Maniac, Beauty Pop, Skip Beat, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Shuffle, +Anima, and Chobits. Oh if you were ever wondering, my name in Japanese is Michaera. Also, I still use My Otaku, so I might mention it a few times.

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-Kung Fu Panda [2008]


Kami's Talk Show
Kami: Welcome to Kami's Talk Show, right here on
Kami-chan's Otaku! Starring Kami, Nami, and YOU!
Kami: I'm Kami and I'll be your host.
Lucky: This is a daily/weekly talk show where
you us a question and we answer it!
Kami: We would love to hear from all of you...
Lucky: So start sending in questions!
Kami: And we might feature them on this talkshow!
Lucky: Oh! From now on, I will be a regular on this show!
Kami: Huh? Really, Luckychan101?!
Lucky: Yep! So drop by the Question Box and
leave your Question.
Kami & Lucky: Enjoy!

Last Updated: 06.21.08

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Kami's Talk Show - Starring Zeelzy

Kami: Welcome to Kami's Talk Show! I'm here with Zeelzy!
Lucky: And I'm Lucky here with you too!
Zeelzy: Finally on Kami's Talk Show! Okay Kami, if you ruled your city otaku style how would peoples life's be different, would they all be your slaves?
Lucky: Oooh! I can answer that! I woul-
Kami: LUCKY! Its my talk show. I have to answer it. You can answer it in your own talk show.
Zeelzy: So Kami, what would it be like?
Kami: If I ruled my city, otaku style... I would go to every book store there is! Then, I'll take out all the books [except Manga] and throw them away. Then, I'll go to Japan and buy all the Manga there is, and then put them all in the Book Store!
Zeelzy: Weird.
Lucky: Yes, I agree. Weird.
Kami: I will order everybody to learn Japanese! And English will be banned *evil chuckle*!
Kami: And then, I'll declare everyday, to be 'Otaku Day'! And anyone who isn't obsessed with Anime or Manga will be thrown out of my city! I'll name the city, Kami's Magical Land of Anime. The people of my city will be called Kamians! Oh, and I'll kill Inuyasha. And thats it.
Zeelzy: Oh well thanks for answering my question, I'll see you later *tries to sneak out*
Kami: Not so fast! *evil laugh*
Zeelzy: I should've listened to SesshomaruFanClub [read first talk show]!
Kami: You forgot your lollipop.
Zeelzy: What?
Kami: You get a free lollipop for being in our show *hands Zeelzy a lollipop* And look! It has my face on it!
Zeelzy: Oh, umm, thanks.
Technical Producer: And- CUT! Good job! Lets rap it up for the day. And ummm, Kami? Get I get a lollipop too?
Kami: Thanks for joining us with our, I mean, my talk show!

Kami's Talk Show - Starring Kawaii Socks

Kami: Welcome to Kami's Talk Show! I'm here with Kawaii Socks!
Lucky: And I'm Luckychan101 here with you live too.
Kawaii Socks: So Kami, what would you do if your favorite character was killed in an incredibly brutal and grusom fashion right in front of you?
Lucky: Hmm, very deep question, so what do you think Kami?
Kami: Oh umm, I would run around screaming and avenge my favorite character!
Kawaii Socks: So whose your favorite character?
Kami: *hearts in eyes* Deidara.
Inuyasha: *pops out of no where* Look! I'm on the Lucky Talk Show!
Kami: INUYASHA! Its Kami's Talk Show! Thats why I hate you now! Anyways, what are you doing here?
Inuyasha: Ffth. Who says I couldn't?
Kami: *slaps Inuyasha* JUST BE QUIET INUYASHA! We're in the middle of a Live Talk Show.
Deidara: *uses ninjutsu and appears*
Kami: Oh my gosh! ITS DEIDARA! *blushes*
Inuyasha: Look who's here. The pretend to be boy.
Deidara: So we meet again, Mutt.
Kawaii Socks and Lucky: *escapes while they have a chance*
Kami: *stares at Deidara dreamingly*
Inuyasha and Deidara: *start fighting*
Deidara: CHIDORI!
Inuyasha: WIND SCAR!
*building blows up*
Deidara: *falls down* I failed you Ka-Kami. I'm sorry...
Inuyasha: Now I got you Deidara, IRON REAVER-SOUL STEALER!
Kami: NO!!
Deidara: *dies*
Inuyasha: Muwahahwahah!
Kami: *screams* I will get my revenge on Deidara!! AHH *runs towards Inuyasha with fist in the air*
Inuyasha: Huh?
[1 minute later]
Kami and Inuyasha: Rock, paper, scissors.
Kami: HA! I win again!
Inuyasha: Kami, this is a wierd way to get revenge, believe me...
Kami: Deidara isn't really dead. Its a show, remember?
Kami: Thanks for joining us with my talk show! See you next time!

Kami's Talk Show - Starring: SesshomaruFanClub

Kami: Welcome to Kami's Talk Show! I'm here with SesshomaruFanClub!
Kami: Sorry, Luckychan101 couldn't be with us for our first LIVE show. But don't worry, she'll be here next time!
SessshomaruFanClub: Wow!! I talk show! YAY! Now what?
Kami: *whispers* Well, this is the part when you ask me a question.
SessshomaruFanClub: Oh! So Kami, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Kami: Hmm, probably a Manga artist!! I love Manga!
SessshomaruFanClub: Why?
Kami: Hmm, because I do.
SessshomaruFanClub: But why?
Kami: Well, cause I do.
SessshomaruFanClub: I know, but why?
SessshomaruFanClub: Ahhh!! *runs away*
Kami: *grabs rope and chases SesshomaruFanClub* I'll get you!

We're sorry Kami's Talk Show is having some technical diffuctlties, please be patient while Kami chases SesshomaruFanClub. Thank you.

[5 minutes later]
Technical Producer: We're on in 3...2...1... action!
Kami: Okay we're back.
SessshomaruFanClub (tied up): HELP ME! She's crazy!
Kami: SesshomaruFanClub, I also wanted to be a in a Anime movie.
SessshomaruFanClub: I don't care!! JUST UNTIE ME AND LET ME GO!
Kami: *ignores SesshomaruFanClub* I wanted to be the English voice of an Anime character!
Kami: Aww, look at the time, we gotta go. :[
SessshomaruFanClub: FINALLY! *runs outside*
Kami: Well, thanks for joining us with our first Talk Show!

Question Box

Kami: This is the Question Box.
Lucky: Be sure to drop all your questions HERE.
Kami: First press the button that says 'Comments'.
Lucky: And, leave your question there!
Kami: There's a 80% chance that we'll use your question.
Lucky: Make sure your questions include action, humor, and comedy!
Kami: We hope to hear from you, bye!