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Micch's ask blog!

if you would please, i would be enternally grateful if you would ask micchi a question! >u<

i also have a "ask sokka" ask blog too! so if anyone's interested, let me know! ^^
~kamichama karin s~




Time to ~CELEBRATE!~

As I have stated, I will now list all of the main character's info from Kamichama Karin! :D hope you EnJoy! ~Karin Hanazono~ Born: July 3 Age: 14 Horoscope: Cancer Blood type: O (why would anyone need to know ...

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wanna play a game? ^^

found a really fun (and hard) game that is about kamichama karin!!
you should try playing it, i found myself addicted to it...^^' haha
here is the link, it should load fast for anyonehttp://koge.kokage.cc/bblock/kuzusi.html

oh, and happy (late) birthday to karin hanazono
(duh, kamichama kairn)
her b-day *according to koge-donbo* was on the 3 of july!!


i am new to the world of CosPlay,
i have no money
no sewing skills,
and not enough cool clothes to closet CosPlay..
but i want to go as karin to a anime-con..T^T

of corse, i wouldn't make it so complex..