Welcome to my world! here you'll find all sorts of koge-donbo related goodies!! so please, sit back, and enjoy this world!! hope you like it!

yet again, i found a demotivational...:)

nothing makes me happier....

and i found this on the school's internet...so happy

Kamichama karin theme song^^

here is the theme song for my personal favorite anime/manga of all time, kamichama karin!!the theme song is called darkness heaven! i hope you all like it and I hope you give me ideas for my world!!

Enyone else have this problem?

okie dokie! where to begin...does enyone else feel like their friends don't want to hear about your love of anime? a few of my friends dislike anime and manga and it's starting to drive me insane! I mean, it's not like I can just stop being in love with cute little anime characters can I? does enyone else get frustrated by this, or is it just part of my personality? >.<