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i still can't find past chapter 4 of the manga doki doki! Tama-tan. no one is scantalating this anymore....T^T i will cry so much now.

I am finding more out about it though. henhenhen...I REALLY WANT IT TO COME OUT IN ENLGISH!!! .u.
I mean, i don't mind reading it online...if someone would clean it! D: if i knew how, i would do it myself, but errr...i don't know how to do that.
if any of you know where I can either : read more of the chapeters online, or HOW TO CORRECT SCANS, please let me know. I SHALL READ DOKIDOKI!!!!

Micch's ask blog!

if you would please, i would be enternally grateful if you would ask micchi a question! >u<

i also have a "ask sokka" ask blog too! so if anyone's interested, let me know! ^^
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I want this as a poster O_o


i really want this as a poster..up in my room!!!!!!!




yet again, i found a demotivational...:)

nothing makes me happier....

and i found this on the school's internet...so happy