My name is Samantha and I usually go by Sami. I'm a total dork, crazy and random. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome ^_~
Some facts about me:
My birthday is December 21, 1991.
My parents are divorced, and I just refer to my dad as Donnie. And sometimes my mom as Sherry, depends on if we're fighting or not.
I have a younger sister and an older sister. My younger sister used to have an account on theO but she has abandoned us XD
I live in Ohio.
I'm a Christian.
I've had problems with depression so occasionally things can get a little dark here. But I'm doing much better now.
I go to an AMAZING church. I can't get there very often, but I go whenever I can.
I do not have a boyfriend as of yet. But I'm in the market ;p
I am very random. VERY. Crazy and I love it. So be prepared ^^
I like to write fanfics and random stories. I have a fanfic on my other world and it will be finished eventually, I swear!! Just... Don't hold your breath, ne?
I love music.
I've been home schooled since the tenth grade and recently graduated high school.
I have a kitty named Artemis. He's my baby and he's what helped me through my depression the most.
I babysit and I like to talk about the baby and post pictures because while I may not have the "math gene" I definitely got a double dose of the "mothering gene."
My email is [email protected] if you want to email me. Please do, because I never get email. BUT ABSOLUTELY NO CHAIN MAIL!!!


we got so much snow last night!! most schools are closed, except for my old school because they're all idiots. we're supposed to get like 10-14 inches!
speaking of my old school, b-chan told me something yesterday that scared me to death. there is this guy who is so nice, and he never says anything bad about anyone. well, there's also this girl who i HATE because she's horrible to everyone and said some terrible things about me that makes me want to slap her in the face. so she was saying things to/about this guy so he moved to a different desk, but she still kept saying things and he SNAPPED. he picked up a desk with one hand and threw it at her! it missed her by three desks and he just started screaming at her, then stormed out of the classroom. she got suspended for 3 days for provoking him (she needs to be expelled, but they want the tuition money)and i don't know what happened to him. i couldn't believe it when b-chan told me, i never would have thought he'd do somethig like that. she said she always got the feeling he would snap someday. i guess she was right.
i have to go start school :(

Today's Random Thought: Cute, but psycho. Things even out.

i'm too tired to think of a good title XD

well, i think i'm ok with version vibrant now. i have stuff figured out and im not all panic-y anymore, so i changed my intro. i put my email adress up there, so if anyone wants to email me, feel free. only about 2 people email me, so any email is welcome lol.
i am in the process of writing a death note fanfiction. it starts kind of in the middle of the series, so i'm waiting for a certain episode to be on adult swim before i actually write anything, because i want to get everything right. i'll start posting it when i start writing. it's about a girl named haruka, who is L's girlfriend and Matt's sister. her real name is juliet. she's working on the kira case with L. i'm probably going to write a one-shot today about her thoughts on the case, i'll try to put it up at some point.
i need to type slower, i read through what i just typed and could barely read it XD *corrects all spelling*
that's about all i have to say right now, i'm hngry so i'm going to go eat lunch. ramen!!

Today's Random Thought: I was going to take over the world but I got distracted by something sparkly.

First Post

ok, absolutely no idea what I'm doing. this is pretty much a test post to see if i'm doing tihngs right. so for lack of anything else relevent to say, here is a random picture.