Vegeta rap

I never laughed so hard when i watched this, i had Tears in my eyes! So if you are a Vegeta Fanatic, then you will enjoy this as much as i have!
I love the Gansta boogie

~Kakashi sensei

For Uriko

Tiz a little poem i wrote for Uriko! many more will be up soon!

~Kakashi sensei

My story on what i think is in icha Icha

the book that Kakashi reads is finally unvailed!!! I hope you all enjoy it and i wrote it with my heart!

the second one will be out very soon!!!

~Kakashi sensei

Don't talk to strangers...

hehehe, this is so true!!!

~Kakashi sensei

Mis heard Lyrics on Death Note Opening Whats up People

this is soo fricken funny! I never Laughed so hard!